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Start your new project with a professional Gantt chart template

The ready-made professional project templates allow starting new plans right away. They already have a predefined structure typical of a specific industry.
With a pre-configured template, you:
  • Start your new project immediately.
  • Save time on scheduling and planning.
  • Get an example of a typical project in your industry.
<span class="strong-text">Anika Albrecht</span><br>
Project Manager and Consultant

GanttPRO saves time on writing offers to our customer. It really makes it easier to set up the project on a high logic level. Some clients just have a look at the project plan once and say: “Yeah, ok!” and let us fully take care of it without any coordination from their side.

Anika Albrecht
Project Manager and Consultant

How to use pre-configured templates

  • 1. Create new project

    Kick off your project, name it, define start and end dates, and choose the pre-configured template for your industry.

  • 2. Make changes and customize the template, if needed

    All the pre-configured templates are customizable. It means that you can make any changes in them dictated by your project: add new or delete tasks, create dependencies and milestones, etc.

  • 3. Invite your team

    Invite team members to your project or add virtual resources and assign tasks to them.

How to use and work with ready-made professional templates
How to use and work with ready-made professional templates
How to use and work with ready-made professional templates

Create your first project right now

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    Custom templates
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    Reusable blocks of tasks
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