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Rely on the secure project management software

GanttPRO is a completely secure project management software that you can rely on.
With the secure Gantt chart software, you:
  • Manage projects with the strongest privacy and integrity protection.
  • Work in one of the world’s most stable and secure cloud server infrastructure.
  • Never stop working as GanttPRO has 99.92% uptime.
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Working in GanttPRO secure Gantt chart software

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Benefit from using GanttPRO features for your project

<span class="strong-text">Anika Albrecht</span><br>
Project Manager and Consultant

GanttPRO saves time on writing offers to our customer. It really makes it easier to set up the project on a high logic level. Some clients just have a look at the project plan once and say: “Yeah, ok!” and let us fully take care of it without any coordination from their side.

Anika Albrecht
Project Manager and Consultant

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    Single sign-on (SSO, SAML)
    Single sign-on (SSO, SAML)
    Use Okta, OneLogin, Azure AD or other SAML providers to manage your projects with your team using one set of login credentials
    Two-factor authentication
    Two-factor authentication
    Add an extra layer of security to your GanttPRO account with 2FA, one of the best precautions against cyberattacks

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