Why do professionals choose GanttPRO?

  • Task and project management

    Plan, coordinate, and manage all tasks and activities related to your project. Visualize them on a Gantt chart, track progress, set priorities, and hit deadlines all the way.

  • Time management

    Track time spent on tasks and projects by your team members or yourself. See who worked on what task and for how long, log time, and leave comments with a few clicks.

  • Portfolio management

    Establish centralized management and oversight for all the projects and programs within your project portfolio. Analyze risk, manage resources and budgets with a big-picture view.

  • Budget management

    Make your business prosper with the regular financial performance control. Set duration, estimation, or actual cost for your project activities and resources. Oversee and track income and expenses.

  • Resource management

    Manage resource allocation, control manpower, virtual assets, and costs. Identify overdue tasks and avoid overloading by using drag and drop to make changes in seconds.

  • Team collaboration

    Control your project updates with all activities in one spot. Collaborate with internal and external stakeholders in real-time using comments, mentions, and attachments.

Top-rated project management software by leading business software review platforms

  • Leader of Winter 2024 by G2.
  • Leader in Task and Project Management in 2023 by GettApp.
  • Best easy of use in 2023 by Capterra.
  • digita best 2021
  • Frontrunner in Task and Project Management in 2023 by Software Advice.
  • Top 50 Project Management Products by G2.
  • G2 - Users Love Us
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GanttPRO features for your industry

  • Plans and schedules

    Generate project plans and visualize them on an online Gantt chart to better understand the work that needs to be done.

  • Task management

    Ensure granular control and visibility by breaking down your projects into tasks and subtasks. Define dependencies, deadlines, milestones, and critical paths for all activities.

  • Smart delivery

    Align diverse teams in one place empowering them to work, collaborate, and complete projects all together. Analyze the outcomes, create and share reports.

GanttPRO interface
  • Product timeline

    Combine all your product ideas, goals, and initiatives and turn them into tasks with sequent hierarchy. Place all activities on a Gantt chart timeline.

  • Task management

    Control all projects and tasks from a backlog to release, assign resources and task duration. Define dependencies, deadlines, and milestones.

  • Enhanced collaboration

    Provide your product team with clarity and context on work. Share key resources and status updates, use comments, notifications, and attachments to ensure the big picture for everyone.

GanttPRO interface
  • Professional scheduling

    Keep your construction project lifecycle under control and schedule every single task on a reliable Gantt chart. Alternatively, use a board view to track your activities through each stage.

  • Resource management

    Manage all required resources including staff, partners, subs, materials, equipment, and other assets needed for your construction projects.

  • Advanced visibility

    Apply GanttPRO features to reduce redundant meetings and let your stakeholders get better insights, progress tracking, and all updates.

GanttPRO interface
  • Reliable roadmap

    Increase your IT product/project development effectiveness by applying a Gantt chart roadmap that will help you plan your ideas and convert them into visual tasks.

  • Task management and visualization

    Consider every stage of IT product/project development. Set deadlines, add dependencies and milestones on a timeline and make quick changes if needed..

  • Collaboration

    Connect your software developers' workflows within the team and with other departments. Use comments, notifications, attachments, and track any work to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.

GanttPRO interface
  • Planning from A to Z

    Turn your marketing goals into tasks and display them on an online Gantt chart. Manage projects from start to finish to let your team be aware of all schedules and plans.

  • All data in a single spot

    Visualize hierarchy, assign resources and task durations, and estimate the time it will take to complete each activity - all in one place. Use the drag and drop feature to set dependencies between the tasks.

  • Improved communication

    Involve your team and clients in the whole process of marketing project management. Keep them on the same page, use notifications, and assign comments.

GanttPRO interface
  • Scheduling and execution

    Plan, organize, and prioritize your initiatives from ideas to production. Apply calendars and reports. Accelerate production processes with a professional scheduling tool.

  • Advanced visibility

    Use comments, notifications, and attachments to improve production visibility and regulatory processes. Share the timeline with all workers and give them access to critical docs.

  • Improved productivity

    Track hours spent on tasks and projects, analyze real-time data on resource usage, and take actions in order to improve work processes.

GanttPRO interface

Replaces: MS Project | Jira | Asana

Why customers all over the globe choose GanttPRO

Development planning for an international manufacturing company

Development planning for an international manufacturing company.



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Distributed app development team works on tasks and schedules relying on the critical path

Distributed app development team works on tasks and schedules relying on the critical path.

Industry:Information technology


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IT company uses GanttPRO’s flexibility for long-term project planning

IT company uses GanttPRO’s flexibility for long-term project planning.

Industry:Media and payment transactions protection


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How GanttPRO streamlines projects involving product launches, complex engineering & large IT deployments

How GanttPRO streamlines projects involving product launches, complex engineering & large IT deployments.

Industry:Photography flash diffusers and light modifiers


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Technological company uses GanttPRO to see the entire project layout

Technological company uses GanttPRO to see the entire project layout.

Industry:Mass spectrometry and electron physics


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