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Development planning
for an international manufacturing company

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  • Company industry: Manufacturing
  • Company passion: Create the most convenient & innovative backpack vacuum cleaners and distribute them to public spaces worldwide
  • Location: Australia
  • Favorite features in GanttPRO: Custom columns, Virtual resources, Jira integration
  • Who uses GanttPRO: Head Of Research and Development

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Head of product and R&D

The reason why GanttPRO is useful for us is that we do our own development that requires a lot of planning.

So, we manage our product projects from an idea through to development and production and need to handle all the processes from inception of design and ideas to manufacturing, testing and further to sales, marketing, and customer support.
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Adam Hirsk


About company

Could you tell us about your company?

Here at Pacvac, we design and manufacture backpack vacuum cleaners. We design very convenient and modern models and pay close attention to its ergonomic configuration.

Wearing a backpack vacuum is a very efficient way for commercial cleaners to do their vacuuming tasks, making it easy to clean offices, trains, cinemas, hotels, schools and similar public spaces.

We were the original pioneers of backpack vacuum cleaners, starting in Australia over 40 years ago, we now produce for the UK and Europe as well. These are much younger markets and we have helped to educate people about the idea of backpack vacuum cleaners, as not everyone is familiar with this concept. We distribute to France, Norway, Germany, Ireland, Iceland, and other European countries.

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Selecting a tool

How did you decide on GanttPRO?

I selected GanttPRO because the user interface is good, the pricing plan is clear, and I believe that the team at GanttPRO work towards the development of new features.

I also liked the custom columns feature, this actually makes a big difference when compared to other solutions.


What problems does GanttPRO solve for you?

Currently, we use GanttPRO as a product development project tool: for the initial design briefs, for the quality tests, and right the way to launch events and promotions. This means we use it for all stages of our projects.

What I personally use GanttPRO for is to display early details of project level tasks for various kinds of plans. For example, now I am working on a project that has around 140 tasks and the detail is well handled by GanttPRO.

Favorite features

What GanttPRO features do you value most?

  • Custom columns

    The best feature for me is the custom columns. It allows me to generate my own headings which means it fits with our business goals and allows me to filter the tasks by different columns, making it more flexible cross-functionally.

  • Virtual resources

    I like using Virtual resources. I set them up as departments to give a broader view without specific assignees - this can come later. The virtual resources allow another good level of customisation and are really useful for filtering your views of the Gantt Chart.

  • Integration with Jira

    My colleague appreciates integration with Jira as well. He seems to be fairly happy with this feature.

    *Read more about Jira integration here.

  • Custom columns
  • Virtual resources
  • Integration with Jira

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