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Distinctive features of the top estimating and project management software

  • Task management

    Task management

    Improve project management by organizing tasks thoroughly. Use a Gantt chart to map out each activity, prioritize work, and establish deadlines.

    Regularly monitor the progress of your project to maintain alignment with your goals.

  • Dependencies


    Link dependent tasks and subtasks with drag-and-drop, providing a logical system for your project.

    Place milestones, allocate resources, and adjust required time frames - all within the multifunctional estimating and project management software.

  • Tracking


    Monitor project processes with the top project management cost estimating software.

    Optimize progress tracking to ensure on-time project completion and maintain your team's focus on their key objectives.

  • Collaboration


    Rely on collaboration features of the project management estimating software without the need to apply additional tools.

    Attach files, comment on tasks, use notifications, and keep colleagues up to date.

  • Workload


    Manage resource workload to maintain each team member's efficiency.

    Use the project management estimating software to track the availability and capacity of employees, identifying who is busy, overloaded, or temporarily available.

  • Budget


    Keep your project finances under control, carefully managing all expenses and incomes.

    Constantly evaluate the state of your budget and consider the actual costs needed for every single project.

  • Export


    Export work plans including all dependencies and key milestones in formats like PDF, PNG, XLSX, or XML.

    Share your projects with others using the shared link feature available in the online project management estimating software.

  • Import


    Import projects initially designed in Excel, MS Project, and JIRA Cloud Software and benefit from smooth and reliable workflow.

    Make this transfer in just a few clicks without additional training.

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"When I have to plan work for a team for the whole week, it’s really easy with GanttPRO. It helps when you have to set a budget for the project and see how much time it will take. It’s a basic feature but it works very nice in GanttPRO".

Łukasz WielądekŁukasz Wielądeka project manager at GonnaBe
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