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Software Development Project Plan Template

Create your project plan in minutes using the ready-made Gantt chart software project plan template.

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GanttPRO project plan

The ready-made project plan template for any software development team

With the GanttPRO software development plan template, you don’t have to worry about tasks, milestones, and deadlines. Focus on your sprints and move towards successful project accomplishment.

The software development plan template will perfectly work for you regardless of your experience or organization size. Whether you are creating your first Gantt chart project or planning a complex one – in the template, it is very easy to schedule and manage all the processes. Read more

Visualize your software development project

Software development plan template is available even on a free trial. You can easily check whether this template will or will not work for you and if needed, you can customize it.

The software development template offers precise tracking of every task progress and progress of the whole project. You know where each task starts, its duration, when it ends, who is responsible for it, and see the whole workload. With the software development plan template, managers avoid risks and meet all set deadlines.
Visualize all plans from one or multiple software development projects. With the intuitive interface, all dates, tasks, progress, deadlines, assignees, and plans in general are clearly seen on your project timeline.

Make your plan a place for ongoing collaboration between team members. Leave comments on tasks, discuss all the details right inside your project, and mention team members. In the software project plan template, all your files are carefully stored with 24/7 access to them.

How GanttPRO’s features make project management processes easier


There is no need to switch between different tools as GanttPRO gives perfect opportunities for team collaboration.

Comment on tasks, mention people, and attach documents – management gets more efficient when collaboration runs smooth.


Software development plans cannot be imagined without deadlines. On a Gantt chart timeline, all the tasks and sprints have visual deadlines what makes deadline management a breeze.

In a timely manner, be aware of all deadlines and lead software plans to successful accomplishment.


In the Gantt chart template, team members and virtual resources work together. Invite them to your project, assign tasks to them, and create the workload.

You know how many tasks a resource has and how much time is needed to complete a task. It allows seeing who is underloaded or, on the contrary, overloaded what leads to improved resource allocation.


Real-time notifications in no time will show changes made by team members in the software development project plan template. Moreover, they will remind of upcoming tasks and deadlines.

It allows managers to keep track of any activity going on in a project to eliminate risks of project scope creep.

Export Gantt chart to popular formats

Do you need an alternative way to view your tasks? In the GanttPRO template, you only need to make a click to switch from Gantt charts to a Board view.

Manage projects in the way it is most appropriate for you.

History of changes, undo and restore

Share your Gantt chart software plan template with the right to view it or export it to PDF and PNG and include it in your presentations, reports, etc.

The features allow having the template at hand with 24/7 access to it.


Do you need to get a visually appealing software development project when working in the cloud-based version of JIRA?

Integrate it with GanttPRO and get a perfect way to work with sprints on Gantt charts.

Learn more how to use templates for your project planning

Ganttpro simplified process

Careful planning of all tasks and sprints in your project

Software development runs much smoother and easier when it is properly planned from the very beginning. A Gantt chart template provides with a visually appealing way to plan a software development project in minutes. Plan, track, and follow regular software development activities which include but not limited to:
  • Initiation & conception development.
  • Planning.
  • Requirements analysis.
  • Design.
  • Development.
  • Tests.
  • Implementation.
  • Operations and maintenance.
  • Disposition.
The template includes all the phases typical of a development plan. At the same time, it is an absolutely customizable solution where managers can create scenarios dictated by their projects.

“I really enjoy how easy and clean this application with very intuitive UI. Also big fun of different customizations you can apply for different projects and teams to reflect your needs. And when i did start initially preconfigured templates they had saved me a lot of time.”


Valentine Zavadskiy

Co-Founder at Rubyroid Labs

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