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Plan, manage, track, and automate all project-related activities keeping your teams in sync.
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Run projects efficiently in one place

  • Clear accountability

    Get a big picture of what's getting done and by whom. Increase agility and accountability by visualizing project processes on a transparent online Gantt chart. Get access to all data, even remotely.

  • Rich feature set

    Take advantage of the powerful features and opportunities. Plan projects, schedule tasks, allocate resources, assign teammates, track changes, and analyze project results - all in one spot.

  • Ease of use

    Benefit from an intuitive interface, nice UX/UI design, and a short learning curve. Apply ready-to-use templates that will help you get started fast. Get updates easily and on time.

Streamline project management from A to Z

Manage all aspects of your project work in one place.

  • Start your project with a clear conception and a detailed strategy. Put all ideas and initiatives together and visualize them on a Gantt chart. Involve teammates and assign their roles and responsibilities.

  • Make a visual representation of your strategy, using a robust timeline. Fill it with tasks and subtasks, providing a clear order of events and dates. Set priorities, dependencies, deadlines, and milestones. Add required resources.

  • Make collaboration your forte. Empower your team with advanced features to leave comments, get notifications, and attach files. Unlock productivity by keeping contacts, reports, and documents in a single source of truth.

  • Track the progress of all activities and bring your project to its logical completion. Gather feedback and get the most out of real-time analytics. Report project results and share them internally and externally.

  • Initial strategy
  • Visual planning
  • Extended teamwork
  • Effortless completion

Turn raw ideas into full-fledged projects

Project teams from many industries rely on GanttPRO.

“GanttPRO does one thing well: project management. It provides the full spectrum of features without feeling overwhelming or being too expensive.”

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Ben EmmonsDirector of Special Projects

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Free templates for planning and managing projects

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800 000+ project managers build and manage Gantt charts with GanttPRO

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Meet deadlines and budget with GanttPRO

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