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Customer story

MagMod uses GanttPRO to streamline projects involving product launches, complex engineering, and large IT deployments

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Ben Emmons is a Director of Special Projects at MagMod.
About company
Could you tell us about your company?
MagMod launched in 2013 and makes awesome photography easy by creating tools that get out of the way of being more creative. After four successful Kickstarter campaigns, MagMod has become the fastest growing company in Tucson and was ranked #724 in the 2018 Inc.5000 ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Getting started with GanttPRO

How did you start using GanttPRO?

We were looking for a tool to share our project timeline with customers and then easily edit within our team. Previously, our designer drew the timeline for customers. It was good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, the timelines were very attractive. We drew them showcasing not only the length but also their importance and connections. But we found that most of the clients were a bit overwhelmed with the diagram and didn’t really get what we had put in it.

Favorite features

What GanttPRO features do you benefit most from?

<span class="accent_text">Project templates</span>
<span class="accent_text">Board view</span>
<span class="accent_text">Critical path</span>
<span class="accent_text">Robust history/undo functionality</span>
<span class="accent_text">Virtual resources</span>
<span class="accent_text">Attachment search</span>
<span class="accent_text">Baseline</span>

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