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Key features of the top planner online

  • Task management

    Task management

    Use an online Gantt chart to get a convenient project overview and visualize all tasks and subtasks.

    Monitor work progress, set deadlines, assign priorities, and elevate task organization to a new level.

  • Dependencies


    Set task dependencies and mark key milestones to outline your project's sequence.

    Use the drag-and-drop functionality to seamlessly connect all dependent tasks and subtasks.

  • Tracking


    Track the short and long-term goals of your project and control workflow.

    Take the most out of the yearly planner online to finish your project activities on time and according to the determined schedule.

  • Collaboration


    Take advantage of the professional collaboration features available in the smart monthly planner online.

    Provide your team with the capabilities to attach files, leave feedback, receive notifications, and communicate easily.

  • Workload


    Guarantee correct workload distribution among project resources to ensure that everyone works efficiently.

    Apply the weekly planner online to monitor your team activity, pinpointing who is busy or available for extra tasks.

  • Budget


    Improve budget planning and cost management, considering all expenses and income.

    Establish regular reviews of financial performance and keep your team up to date about possible budget changes.

  • Export


    Effortlessly export projects in multiple formats including PDF, PNG, XLSX, or XML.

    Let stakeholders know your plans. Use the shared link feature provided by the daily planner online.

  • Import


    Move your projects from Excel, MS Project, and JIRA Cloud Software and proceed to work on your activities without losses or changes.

    Import as many project plans as required and enjoy an efficient workflow in a stable and secure environment.

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“When I have to plan work for a team for the whole week, it’s really easy with GanttPRO. With this software, I never lose the details of my tasks. I know when they start and end as well as their current progress status”.

Łukasz WielądekŁukasz Wielądeka project manager at GonnaBe
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