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Web Design Project Plan Template

Create your project plan in minutes using the ready-made Website design project plan template.

Research for Main LayoutCollect Client's Vision & GoalsRequest Client MoodboardResearch Competitor BrandsPresent Results of Research to ClientReview Brandmarks of Client's ProductsConcept GenerationClarify Brand Strategy & PositioningColor & GraphicsContent PresentationCommon FontsFont Sizes, Font ColorsClient FeedbackGain Client Approval of Creative BriefDraft Creative BriefConcept ApproveColor & Graphics
GanttPRO project plan

The ready-made plan template for any Web design project

Launch your Website design project plan with a well-defined Gantt chart timeline. The GanttPRO template will keep your workflow organized and structured with 24/7 access to your Web design timeline project.

With the template, you can easily collaborate with your clients or stakeholders and keep them in the loop. Establish clear expectations from the start and do not waste time on scheduling - the Web design template already includes typical tasks of Web design projects. Read more

Visualize your web design project

Do you need to be sure that GanttPRO will meet your requirements? No worries as the Website design project plan template is available even on a free trial and absolutely customizable.

Thanks to a Gantt chart timeline, you will know all the dates in your Web design project: where each task starts and ends, how much time it requires and how it is progressing. You only need to plan once and your project will be under your full control.
A Web design project can be a long process without proper planning and scheduling. It should not be like this. The ready-made Web design project management template offers you perfect opportunities to stay on track of every task and the whole project.

In GanttPRO, you can easily communicate and collaborate with your Web design team, clients, and stakeholders keeping everyone updated about any changes in your project.

How GanttPRO’s features make project management processes easier

Task management

While working on a Web design Gantt chart, you need to have an instant access to crucial information and stay on track.

GanttPRO allows you to leave necessary comments and attach files right to the tasks you are working on.

Team collaboration

With the Website design project plan template, you know about every change in your project.

Real-time notifications will keep you updated - you won’t miss start dates and deadlines of your tasks. Forget about project scope creep!

Resource management

Easily outline and communicate the current state of your Web design project plan with the Sharing and Export features.

Keep your clients and colleagues on the same page at any given moment with just a few simple clicks.

Progress tracking

Do you need to have a holistic view of your project? Easily switch to a Board view and add extra opportunities to work on your Website design plan.

A Gantt chart and a Board view - get the most out of them and improve project management processes.

Export & sharing

Proper deadline management helps you to avoid risks and be sure that everything goes as it was planned.

With the Web design project plan template, you can be 100% sure that you will never miss any deadline of your tasks.

Board view

Wisely manage resource workload and improve performance. With GanttPRO, you know who can take extra tasks or, vice versa, is overloaded.

Be concise with cost management. Set costs according to a resource type: a labor, material or just fixed price.


Keep track of every task in your Website design plan and be sure it is progressing in accordance with your plan.

With the precise progress tracking, none of your tasks, milestones or crucial stages will be beyond control.

Learn more how to use templates for your project planning

Ganttpro simplified process

Smart Web design strategy from the very beginning

A robust plan is vital when you work on a Website design project. Your final goal is to attract visitors, show a product or a company, and help people better understand them deploying visual indicators. They will help during the critical stages of a Web design project plan that include but not limited to:
  • Goal identification
  • Scope definition
  • Wireframe and site structure
  • Visual elements
  • Content
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Launch
Choose the ready-made Web design project plan template with already included typical tasks. Customize it at any time according to the conditions dictated by your project.

“Simple to use. Good features that are not available in other systems, without paying a premium. Export feature is good.”


Anthony McCausland


Professional Web design plan template
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