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Get most for your business out of integrated Gantt chart and  GanttPRO integration with JIRA functions

We’re always improving GanttPRO software based on customer feedback. We make lots of small improvements regularly, but now we set a long-term goal: Intergation of GanttPRO and JIRA Cloud we’re working on.

JIRA Gantt chart free

How to successfully establish easy communication between business and technical sides

The way to collaborate more effectively on IT projects with GanttPRO Gantt chart software and JIRA Cloud issue tracking software.

JIRA gantt chart plugin

How to benefit from GanttPRO functions integrated into JIRA Cloud

Anytime you have new requests, tasks or subtasks in your project, GanttPRO and JIRA Cloud functionality will show you how they will affect your timeline or budget.

Real-time visualisation with Gantt JIRA Software
Real-time visualisation with easy access
Synchronize your JIRA Cloud and smart Gantt charts. Share or export your current project at any time to get convenient visualisation of it for each side.
Accelerated growth with Gantt charts and JIRA Software
Accelerated growth
Integrated software system allows to accelerate business processes that happen between departments. This leads to faster problem solutions and smooth tasks accomplishments.
Save your IT time and costs with GanttPRO app and JIRA Software
Save your IT time and costs
Integrated solutions allow spending less on software development. Save money and spend it on other business operations.
Improved efficiency across teams with GanttPRO and JIRA
Improved efficiency across large and distributed teams
Synchronized systems are the way to improve efficiency of your team on which all financial performance of your business depends.
Actualize information. Easy integration GanttPRO with Jira Server
Actualize information
Large teams deal with tons of different information that is difficult to handle. Unite your workflow and minimize risks of any untrustworthy information.
Auto-calculation of the budget and timeline with Gantt chart and bug tracking software
Quick auto-calculation of the budget/timeline
Income and expenditures need to be monitored. Track your project spendings and income to get an accurate picture of your finance.
Compare Gantt chart solutions for JIRA Cloud
Keypoints of GanttPRO and JIRA integration for successful and stable work.
Gantt chart plugins
Other Gantt
charts solutions
Easy to use
Light and faster
Intuitive and clean interface
Ready templates
Premium security and data protection
Multiple Gantt сhart baseline
Task management
Team collaboration
Undo and history of changes
Multiple workspaces
Share a view link
Export to PDF, PNG and XLSX formats
File attachments
Comments on tasks
Estimation of working hours
Project costs estimation
Setting project roles for team members
Team progress tracking
Real-time activity notifications
Team training sessions