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For project schedulers

Project scheduling software for all kinds of online plans

Start online planning with project scheduling software for free and accelerate management processes.

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800 000+ project managers worldwide create Gantt charts online with GanttPRO
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Precise tasks planning and project tracking

With GanttPRO project scheduling software, you can create tasks in your online projects in one click, instantly monitor and track them and the whole schedule. The easy to understand Gantt chart timeline provides with a visually appealing way where all the assignments, milestones, deadlines, and dependencies are seen at a glance. The project scheduler is a perfect match for any industry where schedule management is needed.

The project scheduling software will help you to:
  • Simplify planning.
  • Have everything under control.
  • Coordinate personal and teamwork.
  • Collaborate in real-time.
  • Keep clients in the loop.
Scheduling your project, you can be sure you work in the secure project management software where the highest security measures are implemented

How to schedule a project in GanttPRO

Manage resources and estimate project costs

Create tasks

In the scheduling software, create as many tasks as your project requires. Set their start and end dates and get a clear picture of what is going on in your schedule.

Add tasks with their dates

In schedules, tasks themselves can include other minor tasks called subtasks. In GanttPRO online software, you can easily create a hierarchy of your assignments and get a structure of your schedule.

Establish task dependencies

Any important event in the schedule is called a milestone. It shows that your online project goes in the right direction. In the scheduling software, milestones are easy to create and manage.

Outline key events and milestones

Connect tasks with drag & drop simplicity and create dependencies. The project scheduling software provides with the Auto-scheduling function that adjusts dates if any changes in them happen.
MPP viewer
Manage resources and estimate project costs

Track task status and progress

As soon as you added tasks with milestones and dependencies, all you need is to track the progress. In the software, online progress tracking can be done in a few simple ways.

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These features will make your project scheduling truly enjoyable

Here is how GanttPRO helps 800k+ people become better managers for their teams and more professional service providers for their clients.

Tasks management
Team collaboration
Resource management
Progress tracking
Export & Sharing
Board view

FREE Gantt chart templates

GanttPRO project scheduling software will meet the requirements of any industry. The ready-made templates will help you quickly start your project.

“Quick and easy to use! Worth the money for sure. Will help keep my remodel project on schedule !”


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