We have planned and launched more than 500 projects for our clients during our careers in the outsource software development. And we know how frustrative project management can be!

We have combined our experience and feedback of early users to offer you today a solution that integrates the essential project management tools as well as maximum ease-of-use.

We have created our online Gantt chart software that lets everyone build comprehensive project plans in a few minutes, effectively collaborate on projects with team members, set accurate estimates and track the progress of projects. You can also easily share the created Gantt charts with clients and colleagues or export Gantt charts to include them in your presentations, reports or business plans.

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Who works on GanttPRO

The team of GanttPRO is 14 dedicated professionals who work with the main focus on high-quality development and customer care.

Dmitry Dudin Chief Technical Officer GanttPRO.com

Dmitry Dudin

Chief Technical Officer

Our project management software is a reflection of his 10 years of experience in software development for SMB and large organizations.

Sergey Kunitskiy Software Engineer GanttPRO.com

Sergey Kunitskiy

Software Engineer

An all-star developer and the one who launched the most popular features, including automatic scheduling and team management.

Mikhail Khlud Software Engineer GanttPRO.com

Mikhail Khlud

Software Engineer

Thanks to Mikhail, our users can manage resources and estimate projects cost. He is also responsible for integrations and new features.

Eugen Artsimenja UX/UI Designer GanttPRO.com

Eugen Artsimenja

UX/UI Designer

Users claim that GanttPRO has the neatest interface among all PM solutions. We owe this to a talented designer that works in our team.

Stas Pukita Project Manager GanttPRO.com

Stas Pukita

Project Manager

Stas tracks all activities in the project. He also analyzes users' requests and monitors the most essential features to be released every month.

Dmitry Medvedev Software Engineer GanttPRO.com

Dmitry Medvedev

Software Engineer

We pay much attention to resource management. Dmitry constantly improves this feature and offers new solutions for better project planning.

Maria Kislova Quality Assurance GanttPRO.com

Maria Kislova

Quality Assurance

Maria monitors every update we release to be a stable bug-free version of the application with new functionalities that you can start using right away.

Yuriy Melnikov Front-End Developer GanttPRO.com

Yuriy Melnikov

Front-End Developer

Yuriy helps the marketing team in assisting newcomers and leading them from a stage of registration to advanced usage of the application.

Yuliya Smirnova Customer Support GanttPRO.com

Yuliya Smirnova

Customer Support

An instant point of contact for our users. Yuliya is the one who replies to all messages we receive through the live chat, email, social media and blog comments.

Pavel Kukhnavets Content Writer GanttPRO.com

Pavel Kukhnavets

Content Writer

Pavel shares smart tips in our project management blog with teams to improve their productivity by implementing new skills and methodologies.

Karina Dubovik Social Media Marketing GanttPRO.com

Karina Dubovik

Social Media Marketing

Karina manages a community of GanttPRO users that follow us on social media networks, track news and blog updates.

Alexander Lamachenka Product Manager GanttPRO.com

Alexander Lamachenka

Product Manager

We want people who are looking for Gantt chart software to find our solution easily. Thanks to Alexander, we are in front of the users in search engines. Have you found us there?

Marina Skurko Customer Success Manager GanttPRO.com

Marina Skurko

Customer Success Manager

Marina communicates with customers and does her best for them to achieve high level of satisfaction from using GanttPRO App.

Andrew Stepanov Content Lead GanttPRO.com

Andrew Stepanov

Content Lead

Andrew writes articles and shares his ideas in project management blog. He is also responsible for communication with external sources and users’ awareness of GanttPRO.

Yuliya Smirnova social media management

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