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Manage resources and gain complete control over your staff, schedules, and costs.

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Meet your goals and keep projects on track with robust resource management software

  • Scheduling & allocation

    Schedule project resources and allocate them with convenient drag-and-drop. Be sure who is loaded with work and how much.

  • Overload prevention

    Make sure your resources are optimally loaded with tasks. Easily avoid their overload within single and multiple projects.

  • Cost management

    Use GanttPRO for smart budget and cost management. Work with labor and material resources as well as resources with fixed cost.

GanttPRO features for advanced resource management

Ample opportunities to take resource management to a higher level.

  • Project management

    Project management

    Manage projects of any complexity. Organize tasks on a Gantt chart considering their hierarchy and track their progress. Assign team members, set deadlines, dependencies, and milestones.

  • Workload management

    Workload management

    Schedule work, manage resource workload with the drag-and-drop feature, and easily make changes, if needed. Track who is working on what and when, as well as how much work is ahead and already done.

  • Team members and resources

    Team members and resources

    Invite team members and set roles, cost, and calendars for them. Create virtual resources and manage them just as easily as people. Define cost for all resources per hour, per item, or just cost.

  • Roles and rights

    Roles and rights

    Differentiate access to settings and features with roles and permissions at the account level and rights and permissions at the project level. Add your own custom roles and rights, if needed.

  • Calendars


    Set personal calendars to resources while assigning tasks. Track how many tasks or working hours your resource has every day, as well as the dates of days off, holidays, vacations, and other events.

  • Budget management

    Budget management

    Set values and cost for all types of resources. Define the cost per item for material resources, per hour for labor resources, and just fixed cost to let GanttPRO calculate the cost of the entire project.

  • Time logging

    Time logging

    Track the exact time spent on tasks for optimizing workflows and managing projects better. Set time for a task after its completion or start a time tracker in real time.

  • Reports


    Save your time and gather data related to your project resources. Work with two types of reports: time log by people and budget analysis.

Smart project management for teams all over the world

  • "With GanttPRO, we see how many designers work on tasks. We timely notice if they have more than 8 hours planned for some days. Also, we give them different rights and manage on the cost level."

    Anika Albrecht

    Anika Albrecht

    Project Manager and Consultant

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  • "When I have to plan work for a team for the whole week, it’s really easy with GanttPRO. With a nice resource workload feature, you can see how many hours a person has and adjust the workload."

    Łukasz Wielądek

    Łukasz Wielądek

    Project Manager

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  • "With GanttPRO, I can correctly distribute the workload to the resources we have and immediately see if a member participates in a few activities. The software calculates the time automatically."

    Rostislav Chernichenko

    Rostislav Chernichenko

    Head of Infrastructure and Project Manager

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Rating 4.8

based on 1000+ reviews

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