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Product design company streamlines workflow: from requirements gathering to results

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Anika Albrecht is a Project Manager and Consultant at design for human nature GmbH. Anika connects customers and design teams and leads processes to achieve the best results.

She’s excited about creating a sustainable future for the planet and for the people around. And that’s an important part of her job.
About company
What does your company do?

Our portfolio is very diverse, from classical graphical design, communication design and product design to architectural development in terms of exhibitions, workspaces, and other interior design projects.

The special and connecting aspect of our work is the focus on the human being and its internal and external nature. No matter how different our design challenges are, everything we design is always for humans in the end. That’s why we’re called design for human nature!

Who uses GanttPRO at design for human nature?
Right now, there are three consultants, three design directors, and a growing number of designers using GanttPRO. Consultants and design directors split the tasks between design teams and allow designers to access GanttPRO to take part in planning.

Needs & Benefits

What is the biggest benefit that you get from GanttPRO?


We were looking for a tool to share our project timeline with customers and then easily edit within our team. Previously, our designer drew the timeline for customers. It was good and bad at the same time. On the one hand, the timelines were very attractive. We drew them showcasing not only the length but also their importance and connections. But we found that most of the clients were a bit overwhelmed with the diagram and didn’t really get what we had put in it.

I set up each new project in GanttPRO and then just update it in-depth on the go and see what our next steps are.
Designers’ costs and rights vary depending on a project, so we wanted to manage them within a PM tool.
In GanttPRO, we’re able to actually give different rights to designers in our team and manage them on the cost level.
We needed clear workflow coordination with an overview of all the projects in progress.
In GanttPRO, I like the way we can link different parts of the project together. We get all the project streams run in parallel. So, we set each project for a customer and then split it into several subprojects and then tasks. This way we have every single task we need to do in one overview, which is great!

Favorite features

What GanttPRO features do you value most?

<span class="accent_text">Workload</span> feature is very helpful.
Also, <span class="accent_text">Auto Scheduling</span> is nice.
I like <span class="accent_text">PDF export</span> as well
I find the <span class="accent_text">Public URL</span> really helpful.

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