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Partnership Solutions

Affiliate Partnership

Educate your customers about GanttPRO and get up to $500 per purchase.
Passive income with high commissions - 50% for the first purchase
Product demonstrations and ready-made promo materials
Special affiliate dashboard to track clicks and purchases

Education Partnership

Use GanttPRO in your studies for free.
Free accounts for students and teachers
Special affiliate program for teachers
Worldwide recognition: more than 100 students and teachers use GanttPRO in their studies

Discount Partnership

Find discounts and bonuses for your favorite tools or submit yours!
Discounts and extended trials from GanttPRO partners
Free to apply

Distribution Partnership

Want to become GanttPRO reseller? Contact us for more details.
Sell GanttPRO - wholesale and retail
Individual options for every partner

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“One of the nicest features compared to other online project planners, is a much more mature way of handling progress and assignments. With some online planners this is not possible, and in others, it's handled in a rather cavalier fashion, - so I certainly like the more professional approach taken by GanttPRO.”


Ajamu A.

Managing Director

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