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Technological company uses GanttPRO to see the entire project layout

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  • Company industry: Mass spectrometry and electron physics
  • Company passion: Advance mass spectrometry-based life sciences research by offering accessible electron capture dissociation (ECD) fragmentation
  • Location: Oregon, USA
  • Favorite features in GanttPRO: Dependencies, Sharing
  • Who uses GanttPRO: Development engineer, Project manager

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Manufacturing Engineer & Project Manager

Even without doing any project management in the past, with GanttPRO, you can draft a plan that’s going to be very useful. The fact that the whole app is just in a browser made it very easy to use.

I am sure it’s much more convenient than MS Project. I’ve been really happy with it.

About company

What does your company do?

e-MSion was founded in 2015. We design a custom add-on that fits inside the existing spectrometers, so they basically upgrade their capabilities giving them an additional electronic fragmentation. This unique type of fragmentation produced by our device enables the fast, comprehensive characterization of ions without the experimental complexity of other competing technologies on the market today.
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How did you start using GanttPRO?

I actually was searching for Microsoft Project alternatives. I tried several options and then I came to GanttPRO. I was happy enough with the free trial so it was not a tough choice for me to go on with it.

How did you decide on using GanttPRO?

We have a big product launch that’s about to finish. There was just a lot of work to do. And it was difficult to get it organized and lay down without a tool like GanttPRO.

GanttPRO actually made planning very easy. It was very helpful for the team to see the entire project layout visually and the dependencies to realize how much work we truly needed to do.

Fo my product launch plan, I created a draft. Then, I interviewed my team members and put their estimations and tasks into the schedule. Once the plan was ready, I shared it with the rest of the team.

GanttPRO helps me lay out tasks to see the reasonable finish date and start date for succeeding events.

Also, I used the tool to print out the plans. This is where the Export feature helps a lot. Now, I am a big fan of the URL sharing feature. I used it really a lot.

What was the biggest advantage for you?

GanttPRO is just really really easy to learn. It also gives a very easy way to present information to other people.

Favorite features

What GanttPRO features do you benefit most from?

  • Dependencies

    The way you can create and drag dependencies between events is very nice for me. The fact that the whole app is just in a browser made it very easy to use.

  • Sharing

    Public URL is nice as well. Once the plan is ready, I share it with the team.

  • Dependencies
  • Sharing

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