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Complete your project and stay on budget

The total project budget includes the cost of tasks based on their duration and the type of the working unit: labor, material, or fixed costs needed to complete the project over the defined time.
With the calculated project budget, you:
  • Control every phase of your project.
  • Make instant changes once something goes wrong.
  • Know what it takes to complete your project.
  • Communicate to stakeholders and clients transparently.

Working with task and project costs in GanttPRO

Learn how to work with your project budget in GanttPRO.

Benefit from using GanttPRO features for your project

<span class="strong-text">Anika Albrecht</span><br>
Project Manager and Consultant

GanttPRO saves time on writing offers to our customer. It really makes it easier to set up the project on a high logic level. Some clients just have a look at the project plan once and say: “Yeah, ok!” and let us fully take care of it without any coordination from their side.

Anika Albrecht
Project Manager and Consultant

How to work with the project budget in GanttPRO

  • 1. Create your project and add tasks

    Make a schedule with tasks, dates, and calendars.

  • 2. Add and assign resources

    Invite team members and add virtual resources to your project and assign tasks to them.

  • 3. Set costs

    Set values for your resources: per hour, per item, or fixed cost.

  • 4. Set duration, estimation, or actual cost for your tasks

    GanttPRO calculates the cost of tasks based on their duration or estimation. However, you can set the actual cost for any of your assignments.

  • 5. Update your project in real time

    Keep track of your project development and make instant cost updates.

  • 6. Let GanttPRO do all the calculations for you

    GanttPRO calculates the budget of the whole project automatically. The calculation is based on the cost of each task and subproject included in it.

How to calculate project budget
How to calculate project budget
How to calculate project budget
How to calculate project budget
How to calculate project budget
How to calculate project budget

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    3 resource types
    3 resource types
    Add labor and material resources as well as resources with a fixed cost to your project. Set values per hour, per item or just cost
    Actual cost
    Actual cost
    Work with the actual, not estimated cost of your tasks based on their time log or progress for even more precise financial control
    Work with the cost of your tasks based on their duration, the resource type, and its value to get financial control

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