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Compare and assess your project’s performance over time

A baseline is a perfect way to compare and measure the current performance of your project with its initial version. With its help, you will immediately see any deviations in your plan.
With a baseline, you:
  • Have a clearly defined, saved starting point of your project.
  • Compare any current state of your project with the initial one.
  • See deviations in project development and make changes in a timely manner.
  • Avoid delays.

Creating the baseline in your project in GanttPRO

Learn how to create and work with a baseline.

Benefit from using GanttPRO features for your project

<span class="strong-text">Anika Albrecht</span><br>
Project Manager and Consultant

GanttPRO saves time on writing offers to our customer. It really makes it easier to set up the project on a high logic level. Some clients just have a look at the project plan once and say: “Yeah, ok!” and let us fully take care of it without any coordination from their side.

Anika Albrecht
Project Manager and Consultant

How to work with a baseline

  • 1. Create a baseline

    Once your project is ready to start, create a baseline or a few baselines over time.

  • 2. Name your baseline

    Name your baseline or leave it as it is, by default

  • 3. Assess the performance of your project

    Compare the initial state of your project with its current state.

  • 4. Make adjustments

    See the deviations in the project development and make appropriate changes.

  • 5. Save baselines in the History mode

    Go to any point in the project’s history and save it as a baseline.

1. Create a baseline
2. Name your baseline
3. Assess the performance of your project
4. Make adjustments
5. Save baselines in the History mode

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