Project management tool that doesn’t lose work process

No unnecessary actions, no accidental changes in your project - your work with Gantt charts become much easier with GanttPRO history of changes, undo and back to previous version features. From now on your project is safe and sound with all data securely saved. Anytime and forever!

With announced features of GanttPRO online project management tool it’s easy to assign tasks, manage and control them and be absolutely sure nothing will be lost.

GanttPRO online project tracking tools

Go back to any point in your chart

Is there an undo function? Can I browse history of changes and restore previous versions of my chart? Can I see changes made by my team in real time?

We often receive such queries. From now on we can answer them! We found effective solutions for managers who deal with complicated projects from day to day.

Undo any action you want

It’s hard to work with charts without making unnecessary steps. Do something wrong? Meet undo function that will ease your work significantly.

It allows returning your chart to the state before the action was implemented. At the same time, your history will not suffer.

With our Gantt chart online project management tool you can undo any action you’d like to: date/time, duration step, tasks, settings, dependencies, progress, other team members’ actions, etc.

GanttPRO online project organizer
GanttPRO project management web tools

Back to previous version

Projects can go wrong directions due to different reasons. Fortunately, we secure you from any wrong paths with our new back to previous version function. What does it give you in management?

All your online activities are stored forever. Using Restore this version button, you can back any event from any action, not necessary the last ones due to nonlinear dependence and absence of minimal step size. To restore event #20 in other tools you need to do it with previous 19 events what takes time. GanttPRO allows restoring exactly required event with no going back in actions - it takes just a few seconds.

With our online management tool there is no more need to download projects from time to time as all data is saved and secured.

After restoring you’ll see the notification that the version is restored. The history will reflect corresponding event.

Browse all history of changes

Now you can easily track online moves made in a project by clicking History button. Then click on any activity and you’ll see how the project looked like before it was implemented. Simply track all activities on any step with the online project management app - it’s not even necessary to restore them.

You can alter zoom and track changes in tasks by hours, days and months. You can also choose the time period of alterations and display the ones you need as well as display changes in new tasks, settings or dependencies, etc.

Web based project management tool GanttPRO
GanttPRO online project management app

Stay in touch with alterations made by other team members

Multiple projects in management imply cooperative work. That’s why we created activity feed where online actions of each member are displayed in real time. With history of changes function in our web based project management and collaboration tool it’s easy to track steps made by the team. They are displayed at the top right corner as notifications with an avatar of a team member who made the change. What is more, you can delete any move made by project participants.

Filter options

In history window you can filter event types to those you need to track: it can be task settings, resources, project settings, custom days and dependencies; date, participants and search by text. You don’t need to look through a long list of changes - simply choose the ones you need to follow.

Moreover, we made your navigation through events easier. Use left or right arrows on the left of Restore this version button and simply track events step by step.

GanttPRO online project management tools

How do we provide security?

All online Gantt charts environment is hosted at Microsoft Azure Servers (Western Europe). At our disposal we have our own virtual private network there. Even Microsoft can’t access the data and dataflows.

All passwords and other data from our online project management tool are encrypted.

Our Web security is reviewed regularly.

How do we provide security

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The online tool works smoothly on any OS

Take advantage of GanttPRO introduced features on any OS you work: Mac, Windows, Linux or others. Manage projects with our online tool and don’t worry that your colleagues use a different system - it smoothly works on any OS.