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Project management requires strong analytical skills as well as the right cloud-based planning tool. Have you tried Liquidplanner? Then give a try to GanttPRO – one of the most powerful Liquidplanner competitors.

Create tasks and connect them with dependencies, set your working schedule, manage resources, and simply collaborate with your team. You need only a few minutes to become an advanced user in this tool. We did our best to minimize all exploring processes.


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What you get when you switch to GanttPRO Gantt chart software as Liquidplanner alternative

Greatly visualized tool with intuitive UX/UI design

Just login to this Liquidplanner alternative and you’ll immediately notice how easy it is to create your first task here. You’ll spend just a few minutes inside the tool learning its abilities. All other time will be spent on tasks and projects management.

Save your time and lead your plans to successful fulfilment with our Liquidplanner alternative.

Affordable alternative for personal and team projects

Our alternative offers affordable and competitive plans in comparison with what you find in Liquidplanner pricing. There is no need to pay for each additional feature - our Liquidplanner alternative already includes full functionality.

You can manage your small personal plans as well as have full control over every detail in your team project. Not sure whether this alternative fits you? Start a free trial and check it on your own.

Liquidplanner alternative for efficient project management

Switch to GanttPRO and enjoy project management.

Immediate live chat support

During project fulfilment you may need any kind of help. You will definitely appreciate quick responses from our Customer support service.

Our Liquidplanner alternative offers real-time help to any of your requests. You don’t have to wait for email answers that can take hours or days. Just ask your questions about GanttPRO in the live chat and get an immediate response.

Ready-made templates for professional spheres

Save time on your planning with the ready-made templates. Whether you need a construction, marketing, software development, manufacture, retail, etc. template, we’ve got you covered.

Choose a template, add your tasks or delete those you don’t need, and successfully manage your project. You may even save your own templates and use them in the future.

A side-by-side feature comparison table

Gantt charts in JIRA software
Gantt charts in Wrike software
Gantt chart timeline
Multiple workspaces
Kanban board
Progress tracking
Team collaboration
Free trial
Easy to use
Ready-made templates
Live chart support
Undo and history of changes
Sharing with advanced public url
Customizable export to PDF, PNG and XLSX

Schedule a project in minutes with GanttPRO!

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