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Technology roadmap template

Adopt an advanced GanttPRO technology roadmap template to create your own roadmap without extra efforts.

The template based on a Gantt chart assists in documenting the rationale of when, what, why, and how tech-related solutions can help your company move forward. Some organizations may use it as an IT technology roadmap template.

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Why choose a GanttPRO’s technology roadmap template?

Here is how GanttPRO helps 800k+ people become better managers for their teams and more professional service providers for their clients.

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How to create a technology roadmap in GanttPRO

Manage resources and estimate project costs

Start with a predetermined layout

The information technology roadmap template contains typical ready-made steps. It gives you a predetermined layout of your future roadmap.

You just need to start a new project and adapt the template to your needs. Import files, arrange dates, monitor statuses, budget, and costs.

Add tasks with their dates

You can use the already prepared set of steps in the template for the technology roadmap or write down new ones, as many as required.

Define start and end dates and make the hierarchy of your activities turning them into groups and adding subtasks.

Establish task dependencies

The drag and drop feature will help you connect your tasks. These dependencies will be visualized with the help of handy arrows.

When you change dates of dependent tasks, the auto-scheduling option will automatically adapt your technology roadmap.

Outline key events and milestones

Technology roadmaps have milestones. These are major events that demonstrate how your project is progressing.

You can easily add these key points to be sure about the proper course of your roadmap.
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Manage resources and estimate project costs

Track task status and progress

GanttPRO allows you to track the progress of your projects and the statuses of all tasks and subtasks.

It is quite easy to track these factors as the Gantt chart maker utilizes the progress values you establish for your tasks to determine the scope of work that was performed and how much was left.

“GanttPRO makes it really quick and painless to draft a good-looking project timeline, make quick edits as more stakeholders weigh in, and be treated as the single source of truth when people ask about delivery dates.”


James Lockrey

Managing Director

Technology roadmap template
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