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IT Roadmap Template

Take advantage a professional GanttPRO IT Roadmap Template to make your roadmap as quickly as possible. Visually appealing Gantt Charts will serve you to fix and check milestones, trace your accomplishments, plan resources and successfully achieve the strategic objective.

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Here is how GanttPRO helps 700k+ people become better managers for their teams and more professional service providers for their clients.

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How to make a roadmap?

Manage resources and estimate project costs

Set up a new project

IT Roadmap Template consists of typical ready-made actions. This template will provide a pre-planned outline of your roadmap.

You can further attune the template to your plan, and go ahead with your roadmap towards your objective. Add files, arrange dates, track progress, and estimate budget and costs.

Enter tasks and define dates

You can use already prepared set of actions listed in the template or include new ones, as many as you need, setting start and end dates for them and making your roadmap visually appealing in an instance.Make a hierarchy of your steps and tasks – just convert them into groups adding subtasks.

Define milestones

In addition to actions, a roadmap will include milestones – important events that unveil how your project is evolving. Include them where it is necessary and make sure you are heading towards your goals.

Configure dependencies

With the ease of drag & drop function, connect your actions and milestones with dependencies. In the meantime, the auto-scheduling feature will automatically rearrange your roadmap if you change dates of dependent tasks in your timeline.
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Manage resources and estimate project costs

Track your progress

Trace the evolution of each task and the roadmap in general. The software computes automatically the amount of work done and what is is left in view of the progress values you establish for your plan.

"GanttPRO actually made planning very easy. It was very helpful for the team to see the entire project layout visually and the dependencies to realize how much work we truly needed to do."


Gary Chou

Manufacturing engineer/Project Manager at e-MSion

IT Roadmap Template
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