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Software Roadmap Template

Benefit from a professional software roadmap template designed on the basis of a reliable Gantt chart.

GanttPRO roadmap will help your development team to understand how their work contributes to the bigger picture as well as how to make right prioritization decisions and persuade stakeholders.

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Why choose a GanttPRO’s software roadmap template?

Here is how GanttPRO helps 800k+ people become better managers for their teams and more professional service providers for their clients.

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How to create a software roadmap in GanttPRO

Manage resources and estimate project costs

Give life to your new project

Taking benefit of the software product roadmap template, you'll be able to create your own roadmap in minutes. A robust online Gantt chart will provide you with standard ready-made steps.

Adjust the template and start a new project keeping in mind all your objectives and goals.

Divide the project into tasks

Regardless of the size and complexity of your project, you can always break it down into separate logical tasks.

GanttPRO software roadmap template offers a work breakdown structure that will help you to define subtasks, making the roadmap more readable and transparent. If you have several projects, you may use the project portfolio option.

Establish dates and deadlines

Identify start and end dates to set visual boundaries for your project and make it clear to the whole team. Add deadlines and determine priorities within your tasks and software project events.

Set dependencies and milestones

The task dependencies feature will assist you to establish relationships with a particular order for tasks that need to be performed. You can create such logical relationships between two or more activities.

Key checkpoints called milestones will help you track your software project progress and measure the performance of the entire team.
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Manage resources and estimate project costs

Track the progress

To get the bird eye view of your project, you'll need to track the progress of every single task on your timeline.

GanttPRO will keep you updated by offering the feature that automatically counts the ammount of work. This way you can track the overall progress of your software project.

"GanttPRO actually made planning very easy. It was very helpful for the team to see the entire project layout visually and the dependencies to realize how much work we truly needed to do."


Gary Chou

Manufacturing engineer/Project Manager at e-MSion

Software Roadmap Template
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