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Peter Stone is a Project Manager and Onsite Supervisor at KenWood Construction, LLC
About company
Could you tell us about your company?

The Hawaiian KenWood Construction was founded in 1999. The company specializes in tenant improvements and rollout work for corporate brands. Our clients have large projects with tight deadlines.

KenWood Construction can boast of having a number of global retail clients but we also work equally with smaller businesses.

Getting started with GanttPRO

How did you decide on GanttPRO?

I initiated it originally on my own. For me, it was really easy to start working in the tool and took no time at all.

Later, the company has signed into it and now distributes tasks across our project managers in GanttPRO.

I’ve been using project management software for a very long time. Primarily, MS Project but I am also familiar with several other tools. Those products are good but they are much more sophisticated. Because of this sophistication, very few people can actually use them in a practical sense.

At KenWood Construction, we don’t really need sophistication that we would have with MS Project. So, I was looking for software that supervisors and PMs in the field would be able to use without being overwhelmed. And GanttPRO does a pretty good job of filling that void.

How did you benefit from using GanttPRO?

We have several different trades and subcontractors involved in a project, not all at one time but at various times. We use GanttPRO to coordinate with subcontractors to check and track the project duration.

Also, the tool is good at developing initial schedules and progress tracking.

Favorite features

What GanttPRO features do you benefit most from?

<span class="accent_text">Virtual resources</span>
<span class="accent_text">Export</span>

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