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Experienced project manager works with resources and shares schedules with third parties

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  • Company industry: Education
  • Company passion: Show tomorrow’s leaders how to achieve their goals and demonstrate the commitment to tackling society’s greatest challenges
  • Location: Laval, Canada
  • Favorite features in GanttPRO: Sharing, Resource workload
  • Who uses GanttPRO: Engineer

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Internationally accomplished executive with a track record of demonstrated results as a program manager, project manager, and analyst, studies marketing at Université Laval

I’ve been using GanttPRO since its very beginning. I was looking for a Gantt chart solution on the cloud and eventually found it. GanttPRO was completely different from now back then.

I liked that I could create a Gantt chart online, so I didn’t have to download anything. I can use it on every computer, don’t have to install it anywhere, just log in to my account. The fact that it’s cloud-based is amazing.

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Allan Cid


Getting started with GanttPRO

How did you start using GanttPRO?

I used to manage projects in MS Project. Also, I used a couple of other desktop/downloadable tools. But I didn’t really like them. They all were not really intuitive and not good for presenting projects to stakeholders. And all those desktop issues were not convenient to work with.

That’s why I started looking for a cloud tool. And that’s how I found GanttPRO.

How do you use GanttPRO?

I can say that I have been using GanttPRO throughout my whole career.

I use GanttPRO for everything. For my work, study, and personal projects.

See for yourself: I used to be a deputy director of the Research Department at UC Timber Innovation Center and a productivity analyst at LAN Airlines. Now, I manage a building construction project and study marketing at University and plan to get a PhD. And GanttPRO has always accompanied me. I can use GanttPRO everywhere, it doesn’t matter the field.

GanttPRO has all it needs to have.

How do you benefit from using GanttPRO?

I will give you just a small example to prove how GanttPRO helps me. Yesterday, I used GanttPRO to change the mind of a manager at the university.

I just demonstrated on the Gantt chart how far out of the schedule we’re going to be in case we keep using the same device as we used before.

With GanttPRO, I managed to prove my point and we moved to another device I suggested.

Do you work with real people or use virtual resources?

Normally, I use virtual resources. Usually, it’s me who shows the schedules and this app to other people.

Favorite features

What GanttPRO features do you benefit most from?

  • Sharing

    That’s what I like the most. If I have a meeting with someone, I don’t need to create a presentation. I create a link and send it. That’s how I show what we need to discuss.

    Also, it helps me present my charts to stakeholders directly. The schedule will look very professional. Actually, I can easily share it with anyone: stakeholders, team members, clients, etc. That’s amazing.

    I also like that I can export it to different formats like, for example, PDF.

  • Resource workload

    I like that I can create a workload for my team. This way, I can measure whether I give too much workload to a worker on a project or not.

    Also, GanttPRO sorts out the hours used in different projects. So, if I have a worker working on Project A, Project B, and Project C, I can see how his workload looks like for a week or a day and reassign tasks if needed. That’s great.

    It’s great to see what you’re doing. Actually, you can use GanttPRO as a managing tool as well.

  • Sharing
  • Resource workload

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