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For Construction Management

Construction template is the ready-made solution with already created typical tasks for construction and building. Sign contracts, estimate construction costs, develop design, obtain permits and documentation and do many other related important actions – everything is already developed for your convenient and easier construction management

Likewise, you are free to create and add your own tasks to your project or vice versa, delete them. You may also create your own construction template, save it and and use it in future.

No risks and missed deadlines

Looking for construction project management software with ready-made templates? GanttPRO software is your effective management solution.

It works fine for any of your purposes: from civil to residential construction, from commercial to house building, from home renovation to remodeling. GanttPRO software tool effectively saves your time for other management tasks.

Construction is a complex process with plenty of levels of all kinds. It includes different assigned tasks, stages with deliverables, milestones and many other crucial aspects. Management here can become a real challenge. Without special construction software a manager faces dozens of tricky moments that can seriously influence on a project.

That is why we created and included a construction template into GanttPRO project management software. This template offers a ready-made and circumspect solution for construction management. Your work gets much easier!

The ready-made solution will help a lot all those who deal with construction. Contractors, subcontractors and builders enjoy its power and great functionality and at the same time, simplicity.

Rely on construction project management software and forget about risks related with planning and deadlines. Visualize everything in one place in a few clicks with intuitive interface – with construction project management software it’s much easier to manage plans.

Working solution for any contractor or builder

The ready-made template of the software for builders is a reliable solution for any purpose regardless of size and quantity of team members.

Are you involved in big commercial construction or just want to renovate your house? Schedule your plans in the software and meet all deadlines. Know each following step and be prepared for it with the construction project management software.

GanttPRO construction project management software
GanttPRO software for construction project management

Earnings with less efforts

It’s very difficult to control all details and processes not losing money. Especially when there are so many papers to fill in, tasks to assign, materials to deliver, etc. The more professionally management is organized, the less amount of money a manager spends.

Be aware of every step and each phase of your project with the construction software template. Set start and end dates, track progress and meet deadlines – you do not waste money and efforts and successfully accomplish a project.

Gantt chart software for successful construction management

Manage your construction planning with FREE template. Upgrade it anytime!

All project data in one place

Software for builders with Gantt chart software
No more email chains and scattered documents
There is no more need to rely on your email service and create endless email chains. Do not save your project related files in different tools – the construction management software allows you to plan all the details in one place with great simplicity and visualization.

Create tasks, name them, set their start and end dates and track their duration and progress. With visualized Gantt chart software you are aware of all plans and dates. Forget about chaos in your project management with Gantt chart software.
Online construction software
Collaborate with builders, subcontractors and clients
Building processes include lots of participants whose work directly depends on others. With the project management software templates you see processes in the easiest way on one timeline.

Collaboration functions in management software for constructions allow leaving comments on tasks and attach files to them, share charts and export them to popular formats. A manager is always able to have projects at hand while all team members know their roles. Real-time notifications and activity feed keep everyone informed.
Home building with GanttPRO
Meet milestones
All important for the whole project events – milestones – are crucial to meet. With the help of drag-and-drop function managers set milestones wherever they want to in their projects.They are clearly visualized what makes it simple to remember about them.

Meet all your milestones and be sure your project goes in the right direction.
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Define dates and work with schedule
Dates are what matter in any project. If you are aware of all start and end dates, members responsible for tasks and their schedule, you have all chances to successfully and timely complete a project.

For the sake of convenience the software allows changing zoom options: choose hours, days, weeks, months, quarters or years.

More FREE Gantt chart templates

Start your planning with standard templates. The primary structure will help you quickly understand and navigate through the service.

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