Team Collaboration Software online for Effective Teamwork

Collaboration in a project between team members is one of the most significant factors on the way to project success. It doesn’t even matter whether it is a small, medium or large company as communication between groups happens every day. It goes around tasks, their duration, resources and roles.

To achieve success is impossible if all collaboration takes place in different tools and apps. It is best when all work is carried out in one project collaboration software. A manager gets clear understanding how efficiently his team works and how it is approaching the common goal.

GanttPRO project collaboration software for team managementGanttPRO project collaboration software for team management

Key features of GanttPRO - project collaboration software

GanttPRO allows easy collaboration for project members. All functions that are needed for them are here, in one collaboration software tool! Set roles, responsibilities and assignments to team members. Export and share your chart, leave comments on tasks, attach files, be aware of any made changes with real-time notifications and activity feed.

There are many types of collaboration software. If you used to make all your plans with Gantt charts, here is a great news for you - from now on all collaboration with your team happens in one convenient Gantt chart software!

Step-by-step task fulfilment with comments

Leave comments on tasks and keep your team always updated. To view all comments to any task in the collaboration software, just choose it in Comments section and you will see everything that was written under it.

Comments will not be lost from you and your group as they are all reflected in one place. As soon as someone from a project writes something, you will see a special notification sign.

Moreover, a special sign will also appear on the right to a task where a note was made. Click on it, and a pop-up window with all remarks will appear.

Let your group know everything about their scope of work!

Easy collaboration with GanttPRO for project members
GanttPRO online collaboration software

Smart control of your project with attachments

Provide your project with all necessary information. Choose files from your computer and download it into your chart. Team collaboration software may also serve you as file storage.

You know about all attachments in your plan as they are also reflected in one place. If somebody attaches a new file, you will be notified about it immediately with a special sign.

As in the case with comments, attached files will be seen as signs on the right to an assignment. After clicking on it, a pop-up window with attachments will appear.

Give your colleagues all necessary documents!

Keeping up with real-time notifications online

It is important to track all changes that are made in a project here and now. Real-time notifications in the team collaboration software let you know about every change in a plan and a member who made it.

You are also aware of how many people work in a project now. Know who is online and what changes are made!

GanttPRO project collaboration software
Collaboration software tool GanttPRO for different teams

Access to all changes with activity feed

You cannot work with you chart without entering your data on a regular basis. Data always comes when there are many roles and resources in a plan. It concerns collaboration that means that your group makes changes in a project every time.

Clicking on History button, you will see activity feed that allows you to track all changes in a project. It doesn’t even matter when and by whom it was made. You simply browse all history of changes.

Track all actions in your project!

Assigning tasks to team members

It is important to assign tasks to your group members and be aware how they are accomplished. With the software for team collaboration you assign tasks just in a few clicks and track its progress and the progress of the whole chart.

Our team collaboration platform shows you each colleague’s performance. If something goes wrong, reassign tasks for better project results.

Right in front of you there is all information about your project: all tasks, their start dates, duration, progress and who performs them.

Team collaboration software for group changes
GanttPRO team collaboration platform with great performance

Working the way you want with roles and responsibilities

A project has all chances on success when all roles and responsibilities in it are clearly defined and assigned. With the software for team collaboration it is not a challenge.

Invite participants into a project via email address and gather your team. Assign roles for your group: the project collaboration software lets you assign such roles as an admin, a manager, a member or an owner.

Your project is always at hand with share function

When working in a project, it is necessary to have constant access to it for everyone involved or with direct influence. Sharing options allow you to give access to anyone you want. Type email address and give different rights - to view your project or view and edit it.

You can share your chart in the team collaboration software in two ways – provide a link or share it via email. If there is the necessity to deactivate the access, you can switch it off or generate a new link.

Let everyone involved in a project track it with the online collaboration software!

Effective collaboration with your team in GanttPRO

Create a Gantt chart online in minutes with GanttPRO!

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