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Gantt project planner for event planning

Create plans. manage people. follow progress.

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Gantt project planner for event planning projects

Divide your event planning campaign into clear tasks, stages, and milestones and schedule it on a Gantt chart with the help of the gantt project planner.

With GanttPRO project planner, you can create as many tasks as you need on a greatly visualized Gantt chart timeline. Set time frames for your tasks, connect them with dependencies, and track the progress - you will never miss a task and deadline and successfully accomplish your plan.

How gantt project planner makes management processes easier

gantt chart timeline in undefined for event planning

A Gantt chart timeline is the perfect way to visualize tasks, their start and end dates as well as progress. The vertical and horizontal axes will clearly show you how your event planning project is progressing.

autoscheduling in undefined for event planning

Create a Gantt chart with dependencies for event planning campaign. Be sure the auto scheduling function recalculates the dates automatically if any changes in them or dependencies happen.

progress tracker in undefined for event planning

Follow your event planning project progress and accomplish it in a timely manner.

project planning in undefined for event planning

Organize a timeline of your event planning project in the most appropriate way. Choose between hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, and years.

full control over tasks in undefined for event planning

Easily work with tasks: add them in a few clicks, set duration, estimation, cost, priorities, assignees, statuses, and more! Get a full picture of your event planning project.

people and resources in undefined for event planning

Invite project participants or virtual resources to join your ind plan and properly allocate them. Be sure who is overloaded or has not enough tasks and if needed, reassign them.

export in undefined for event planning

Export your event planning plan or share it via public URL and present it to customers, clients, stakeholders, etc. Have you launched your project scheduling for event planning in Excel or MS Project? Import it in a few clicks to GanttPRO.

cards with tasks in undefined for event planning

Benefit from various tasks arrangements. Use a Gantt chart view or switch to a board view where tasks are visualized as cards. Select the most convenient way to work with tasks in your event planning project.

templates in undefined for event planning

Choose the predefined template for your event planning plan or work with a blank one. Save your own templates and use them for your future plans.

“GanttPro makes it really quick and painless to draft a good-looking project timeline, make quick edits as more stakeholders weigh in, and be treated as the single source of truth when people ask about delivery dates.”

Gantt project planner for event planning
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