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Ready-made solution for marketing specialists

Create a Gantt chart for a marketing plan with the help of the ready-made campaign template.

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GanttPRO project plan

Reach marketing campaign objectives with the Gantt chart template

Do not let your tasks get messy and your project take the wrong development path. Set your marketing plans from the start and bring your campaign’s goals to reality.

The Gantt chart template offers you the pre-defined set of tasks, subtasks, and milestones. This will help you to significantly save time and efforts on planning. At the same time, the marketing Gantt chart template is fully customizable according to the needs of your projects. Read more

Visualize tasks and stages of your marketing plan

Start your campaign by carefully thinking over each step in it. Set your goals and the ways to achieve them on the marketing campaign Gantt chart.

Establish your goals, identify the target audience, determine creative concept, message and offer, select the proper campaign media, estimate metrics, and work with the budget - in the Gantt chart template, you easily create tasks, plan and track each phase of your project, and work with team members.
Easily organize collaboration and communication between team members in your marketing template. The Gantt chart gives perfect opportunities for it: leave comments, attach documents, pictures, and any other files, mention people, and get real-time notifications.
Do you want to be sure about the ready-made campaign plan? No worries as you can test the free trial of the Gantt chart to realize whether the software meets your requirements.

How GanttPRO’s features make marketing campaign management processes easier

Task management

Create your own campaign or use the ready-made Gantt chart template where you can add tasks in one click.

Carefully planned from the very beginning, the marketing plan will be your single source of truth during the whole project life cycle.

Team collaboration

Marketing campaigns are planned months or years in advance. It is crucial to properly track all the dates.

The Gantt chart provides with the perfect timeline where dates get a clear visualization so you never get lost in them.

Resource management

In the Gantt chart template, team members and virtual resources work together. Invite them to your project, assign tasks to them, and create the workload.

You know how many tasks a resource has and how much time is needed to complete a task. It allows seeing who is underloaded or, on the contrary, overloaded what leads to improved resource allocation.

Progress tracking

In GanttPRO, you can work with the project calendar as well as personal calendars of each team member.

Set working hours and days, days off, holidays, and vacations in the Gantt chart beforehand. You can even create a calendar template and use it in the future for other marketing plans.

Export & sharing

Communication and collaboration are vital parts of marketing schedules.

Invite team members and resources to your project, comment assignments, and attach files - make the Gantt chart template a place for ongoing collaboration.

Board view

Proper resource allocation and management make successful marketing projects.

You will know how many hours a resource needs to complete a task. If someone underperforms or is overloaded, you will be able to quickly reallocate resources and improve productivity.


Projects include smaller parts - tasks - and significant ones - milestones.

Schedule significant phases of your plan on the Gantt chart template or in your customized marketing plan and be sure the project is developing as planned.

Do you need to showcase your plan to any third parties? With GanttPRO, it’s a breeze.

You can export your marketing Gantt chart template to popular formats. Sharing allows sending your dynamic or static plan to anyone who needs it.

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Ganttpro simplified process

Careful planning of all tasks in your marketing campaign

How serious are you about your plan? You definitely should be! A well-designed marketing Gantt chart template will improve your brand awareness and bring you customers. It will guide your marketing team through all the significant stages which include but not limited to:
  • Business summary.
  • Business initiatives.
  • Target market.
  • Market strategy.
  • Budget.
  • Marketing channels.
The template is the easiest way to start your marketing campaign right away as it includes typical tasks, subtasks, and stages. But you are free to completely customize it according to the requirements and conditions your marketing project is dictating.

“GanttPRO lets us manage all project management and marketing tasks in a very convenient interface. We like that we can combine a Kanban board and Gantt diagram in one solution. It saves us a lot of time and resources.“


Nadya Yatsenka

Marketing Director

Marketing Gantt chart template
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