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Marketing campaign plan template will help all marketing specialists regardless of size and type of business. All typical for marketing campaign tasks and details are already included in it. With the ready-made template, you carefully plan your product launch, design creative concept, find out requirements, prepare marketing message, determine budget and sales goals and do other marketing related activities.

A clearly visualized timeline of marketing campaign plan will accompany your project development, leading it in the right direction. The template is designed for all marketers who need to have a professional and efficient handler.

Marketing campaigns with detailed control

Any new business regardless of size and goals it pursues starts with a sound marketing plan. All goals, members, tasks, risks and allocated budget should be included into it. Thoroughly prepared, it comes as a relief for anyone involved in a project.

The primary and key goal of a marketing plan is to provide conditions for successful business development. If it is crafted in a proper professional manner, it helps to improve success and notifies about all upcoming actions, events and possible threats beforehand.

It doesn’t even matter what kind of marketing campaign you have. It can be a one-month long plan with a limited number of details. On the contrary, marketers should be rest assured even if campaigns are strategic and take years.

With the GanttPRO marketing campaign plan template, you don’t need to hold more and more meetings where you keep yourself and everyone updated. Forget about bulky documents that can even mislead your team. All you need to keep tracks and be aware of you have here.

It is very simple to create tasks in the marketing campaign plan template. Define responsible for each duty team members and assign them any task. Track progress of fulfillment and be always aware of what is happening in a project at any given moment.

With the ready-made template, you don’t have to spend extra time and schedule every step. All strategic marketing tasks are already planned for your convenience!

Marketing plan Gantt chart template

It is difficult to run a campaign with bulky documents where information gets lost. It creates obstacles and significantly jeopardizes successful project accomplishment.

With a Gantt chart timeline, you will not miss an assignment with all the details thanks to clear visualization of all steps. The ready-made marketing campaign plan template is a chart that is easy to understand and track. It works for any plan regardless of its time period and complexity.

Marketing campaign strategy template with GanttPRO
Free Gantt chart marketing campaign template

Spend less with carefully prepared plan

When objectives and strategies are defined, it is time to work with a budget. It doesn’t even matter whether a campaign takes a few months or years - it is very important to work with finances.

Define resources, set costs, dates for tasks and simply control all steps of your campaign. Thanks to the intuitive interface you will not get lost in numerous tasks. If something goes wrong or requires extra time and efforts, it is very easy to make changes in a timely manner and prevent a project from extra spendings.

Gantt chart software for successful project management

Manage marketing campaigns with FREE template. Upgrade it anytime!

Campaigns that are visually communicated

Campaign plan template with GanttPRO
Layout of your campaign
Give up making notes on stickers or sending endless emails. Collect and keep all the information about your marketing campaign in one place.

The project management tool automatically makes a greatly visualized layout of your plans. Simply track progress of each task and the whole project, assign tasks and allocate resources and manage them in one place on one screen. It doesn’t take much time to understand and read everything you need in your project.
Marketing plan Gantt chart
Communication with team, stakeholders, and clients
Marketing does not exist separately. It is in a close contact with other spheres of your business and involves communication between departments and within them.

In the marketing campaign plan template managers can have chats inside tasks and attach files to them. Export your chart into popular formats and present them to stakeholders, clients or management team. Make changes and anyone will be notified about them thanks to real-time notifications.
Marketing GanttPRO Gantt chart template
Successful campaign development
Marketing plan implies improvement of your business. At the end of it customers are supposed to get effective services or products.

To ensure that, a manager should have clear understanding and vision of every process in a marketing plan. Use milestones - significant events - that signalize about the right direction for project development. As soon as any milestone is met, you realize that a project is one step closer to its successful fulfillment.
Marketing Gantt chart example
Customizable schedule
The marketing campaign template is simple to work with. Create tasks and place them wherever you need to thanks to drag-and-drop simplicity.

Define your working hours, days-off and vacations and mark them in your schedule. It helps to work with your resources and manage costs. Choose different colors for your tasks and milestones and get an efficient chart that is nice to look at. Work with zoom options and choose between short and long time intervals.

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