Event Planner Template

For Event Managers

Event planning template is the ready-made solution with already created typical tasks for event organization. Develop workplan, agenda and event form, prepare materials and budget and do many other necessary actions - everything is already developed for your easier event management.

You may also add and delete tasks and create your own event planner template. Did it prove to be successful? Use it any time you’d like to!

No risks and missed deadlines

Do you have an important event in a few weeks, but still you have chaos in all your actions?

No need for worries. You can schedule all your events with the event planning template. Develop work plan and event form, prepare materials, develop budget and contact necessary people – make just a few clicks in the ready-made planning template and develop your success.

Events can be of different complexity and duration: going out of town for one day or month-long vacation; a birthday party or wedding; a conference or business trip, etc. One has to realize that he/she is a project manager in all these cases. To successfully organize everything you have to plan all actions step-by-step, thus preparing a robust schedule.

That is why we developed the event planning checklist template. It will help you to plan, organize and manage any event be it for one person, like your vacation plan, or for many people, like wedding preparation. With the event planning template you think less about schedule and more about other relevant issues.

Forget about risks associated with planning. Forget about all that time mess. Event project management gets much easier when in a few clicks you visualize everything, in one place on one timeline.

Set tasks and dependencies between them, duration, track progress – you always know where and when each task and the entire project start and end. Enjoy simplicity and advanced functionality of the event template!

Working solution for any event planner

The event planning template is the ready-made solution for any event regardless of its size and number of participants.

Have you planned mountain climbing or camping with your family on summer vacation? Plan it with our solution. Fill in all plans and schedule them - your holidays will be unforgettable!

Do you organize a wedding ceremony with the party following up? Do it with the Gantt chart. Visualize every preparation step from sending invitations to guests to their accommodation after the party.

Event planner template will help to schedule ALL plans for ANY event.

GanttPRO event planning template
Event planning checklist template with GanttPRO

Earnings with less efforts

If you professionally organize events be it a conference, a concert, a party, etc., you know how difficult it is to track everything not losing your money. Money is your reward that depends on the key factor - how professionally everything is organized.

Know each phase of your organizational process with the event planning template. Set start and end dates and follow them, track progress of each task and the whole project. Lead it till the end and successfully accomplish it - you earn your money with less efforts and time spent.

Gantt chart software for successful project management

Manage your event with FREE template. Upgrade it anytime!

All project data in one place

Event planning timeline template
No more stickers or email chains
Forget about reminders on stickers. Do not search for information in a long list of email chains – an event planning template allows you to keep all actions, durations and milestones in a simple Gantt chart where everything is so easy to understand.

Just name your tasks, set start and end dates, track the progress and be aware of everything that is going on in your planning project. No chaos or unplanned actions.
Event planning calendar template
Collaborate with staff and participants
If you are planning a conference or a party, there may be many separate participants. They follow each other or have dependencies in their tasks. With the template for event planning you visualize everything on one timeline.

You will know about all changes in a project thanks to real-time notifications, activity feed and history of changes function. With the free planning template you manage the project much easier.
Event planning schedule template
Meet milestones
Plans may include crucial for the whole project planning events - milestones.

In the event planning template you set milestones anywhere with drag-and-drop function. Thus you are always aware of important actions what allows you to successfully manage your event and do not go in the wrong direction.
Special event planning template
Define dates and work with schedule
Set start and end dates for each task and assign it to any team member or participant.

To conveniently track actions in your event schedule template, you are free to change zoom options in the event coordination software: choose hours, days, weeks, months, quarters or even years.

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