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Christopher O'Hearn is a Project Director at 3M3A.
About company
What does your company do?

3M3A was founded in 2015 with the aim to support and manage TV, radio, and online audience measurement. We research media ratings: how many people watch programs or listen to the radio. It’s a very narrow specialist area. We tend to operate between industry groups, for example, between a group of broadcasters or advertising agencies who joined together, and so on.

3M3A can boast of having rich experience in different regions including Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, and the Middle East. The company treats each environment as unique because working models can't be applied with the same success everywhere. 3M3A applies the best global practices and helps stakeholders adapt to market needs.

What is your role in the company?

I work mainly in media and research areas. Basically, it is project management.

Sometimes, we’re involved in a setup phase of a project, sometimes - in other aspects. And that’s quite complicated because projects may involve different people or it may take even 1-2 years to set up a project for one partner.

For example, right now we’re in the middle of a tender process for a panel that is starting in 2023. It’s 3 years away. And they asked me to evaluate the vendors. Part of this evaluation involves timelines and dependencies.

So, it’s important to keep an eye on all those things and be aware of how things change to see what can happen over a long period.

Getting started with GanttPRO

How did you start using GanttPRO?

I haven’t used any PM software for a while and with GanttPRO, it was pretty easy to get back in. I used some PM tools before including MS Project and some others. But they were not something I need. They all were complicated.

I know that GanttPRO has features like those complicated tools have.

How did you benefit from using GanttPRO?

We reduced the hassle. GanttPRO has made my project management processes a lot easier in comparison with what I’ve done in the past. Collaboration has also become very easy.

Getting started with GanttPRO

How did you start using GanttPRO?

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