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Earn 50% сommission with GanttPRO by helping businesses achieve their project management goals.

How does it work?

  • You fill out the consultant form before your client pays for GanttPRO subscription.

  • We verify provided info and give you the "Verified Consultant" status.

  • Start earning with a unique consultant code that gives your client a 10% discount on subscriptions.

High commission

50% payout

As a consultant, you will get one of the highest commissions in the market at 50% of the purchase amount.

The most popular payment methods are supported, including PayPal, Wire transfer, WebMoney, Payoneer, etc.

What is GanttPRO?

GanttPRO is a top-rated online project management tool based on Gantt charts.

The software allows project managers and their teams to easily create and structure tasks and projects, track their progress and deadlines, manage budgets, and collaborate in real time.

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Your clients in good company

800 000+ project managers build and manage Gantt charts with GanttPRO

GanttPRO Consultant Partnership form

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Before you start earning with GanttPRO, we need to make sure that you are indeed a consultant in the selection of project management software and solutions. Please leave a link to your consulting company, LinkedIn profile, etc. and add a comment in the following field, if needed.

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  • You will get one of the highest commissions in the market at 50% of the purchase amount. Please note that commission is only paid for annual subscriptions to Business or Enterprise plans.

  • The most popular payments are supported.
    You can choose from PayPal, Wire transfer, WebMoney, Payoneer, etc.

  • It usually takes no longer than a business week, but sometimes with a high volume of requests or on holidays the waiting time may increase. Don't worry, we will inform you of delays in advance if they occur.

  • You only need to be verified once. But in case we have any questions or notice suspicious activity on your part, we will contact you for clarifying information.

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