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Software for nonprofits - Gantt chart GanttPRO

Special offer for hospitals, healthcare-related, and nonprofit organizations

Those who do good for others who are suffering, struggling with poverty or in need, deserve something good in return. We at GanttPRO strive to make our world a little bit better, too. We offer our Gantt chart software for Nonprofit organizations with discounts, so they can simplify their work process and focus on other important things – to help people in need.

We also support any educational activities and offer students and teachers discounts, too!

How it Works
If you are a member of any nonprofit or nongovernmental organization, a student or a teacher – you are in a right place to get a discount for our software.
Apply for any of pricing plans, provide us with needed information and manage your projects with a discount!

Provide us with organization name, its location and website. Explain why you need the discounted software for nonprofits


Please, prove your nonprofit claims. It can be your student ID, a certification, a document that proves nonprofit status, etc.


Delegate your project management to the professional tool and focus on your goals and activity.

Submit form. Fill your information!

If you are not sure what information to give us, but you are a student, a teacher, a member of any nonprofit or nongovernmental organization, anyway, submit your request – we will let you know if discounts are applicable for you.

In exchange for great discounts from our side, we kindly ask you to provide us with a logo of your organization to place it on our website. We would like people to know about you. We will also appreciate if you place our logo on your site in a relevant section (partners, donations, etc.).

We retain the right to reject your request if we consider it not relevant to non-profitable or educational purposes. Discounts do not apply to payments made before the nonprofit status has been approved.

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What discounts does GanttPRO offer?

We provide 50% discount for any plan for students and teachers regardless time period. Nonprofit organizations get 50% discount in case they subscribe to any annual plan.

How much does it take to review our application?

We will review your application within 24 hours and respond to you as soon as possible. If your application is not approved, you are kindly welcome to apply in the future if the status of your organization changes.

When can my subscription be cancelled?

We cancel your subscription if you manage commercial or not connected with education projects.

What if I am a teacher and in my class there are more students than your plans support?

Fill in the form and explain why you need a discount. We will consider your application within 24 hours.

What shall I do if my activity does not fall under any mentioned categories, but I still want a discount?

Please don't hesitate to contact us. Fill in the form and explain why you need a discount.

I am a student. What information shall I provide to you?

Please, provide us with the following information:
- Where do you study?
- What is your major?
- Why do you think GanttPRO will help you?

Can I get my money back after I subscribed?

We do not refund money after your subscription.

Is my monthly subscription automatically renewed if I am a student?

Yes. To remind you, our e-commerce partner sends you notification letters seven and two days prior to next charge date.

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Have more questions?

Please, feel free to contact us on any relevant subject if you have uncertainty about discount policy.