Organizational Development Partnership

Apply for organization development partnership with GanttPRO and let's reach new heights.

Let’s partner, not compete. Together is better

Our product seamlessly integrates with your expertise to drive revenue growth and promote collaboration. Let's unlock more benefits through partnership.

Partnership benefits

  • Market expansion

    Collaboration allows entering new markets and access previously untapped customer segments. This can lead to increased sales and revenue growth.

  • Resource sharing

    Partnership with other companies enables parties to share resources, reduce costs, and accelerate product development. This can result in faster innovation.

  • Product integration

    Integration with partner products enhances functionality and provides a more comprehensive solution to customers. This can improve customer satisfaction and retention rates.

  • Network expansion

    Through this partnership you can tap into the networks of partners, facilitating business development, lead generation, and customer acquisition. This network expansion can lead to new opportunities and increased market visibility.


  • To join the orgdev program, your need to submit your app for consideration, please complete .

  • This type of partnership for non-competitive companies whose products can easily integrate with GanttPRO.

  • The participating in GanttPRO organizational development program can provide a range of advantages, including market expansion, resource sharing, network expansion, and the ability to tackle shared challenges.

Let’s collaborate and find the best solutions together.