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Online Solution for Professional Project Management and Collaboration

Professional project management becomes easy and cost-effective with GanttPRO.
Powerful enough for a PMP. Intuitive enough for a Junior Manager. Affordable for everyone.

Try GanttPRO today - cost-effective and easy-to-use MS Project alternative.

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500 000+ project managers worldwide create Gantt charts online with GanttPRO

Benefit from switching to GanttPRO

MS Project is a powerful project management solution with plenty of options and features. However, managers do not even know about their existence due to the complexity of the software.

In our alternative to MS Project, everything is easy to understand thanks to the intuitive UX/UI design. No features or buttons are hidden. You and your team will start benefit from using GanttPRO right away not wasting time on a learning curve.

MS Project will cost you a fortune, especially if you work on multiple projects and in big teams.

GanttPRO is an affordable MS Project alternative that works well for personal and team plans. You get an access to unlimited functionality and can create an unlimited number of projects regardless of a plan you chose. To work in the tool, you only need to be online. Thus, GanttPRO ensures 24/7 team collaboration.

In two clicks, share your charts with anyone you need be it a client, colleague or stakeholder. Simply create a public URL and send it to people, even not registered in the tool.

The online alternative to MS Project allows sending dynamic, static, and filtered versions of plans. Showcasing your projects to third parties has never been easier.

With the History of changes and Undo functions in our MS Project alternative, you have a quick direct access to all the changes made from the very beginning of your plan. If something went wrong in your chart, simply undo unnecessary actions and restore the chart with the right development.

You can even create a baseline to compare the current state of your project to its status on any day in the past.

Do not take just our words - get a free trial with all the functionality open and test our alternative to MS Project.

Check all the features and see for yourself how powerful GanttPRO can be for project planning and management.

Collaboration makes successful projects. In GanttPRO, it takes a few minutes to organize communication with your team - you don’t need any other alternatives to MS Project.

The online tool allows you to comment tasks, give details in the description field, attach files, and control in real time all the changes made by team members in your projects.

Do you have any questions about our MS Project alternative? We will help you anytime you need it directly in the live chat.

You don’t have to wait for delayed email replies or any other kinds of responses. You ask – we immediately answer. As easy as ABC.

GanttPRO project plan

Why is GanttPRO one of the best alternatives to MS Project?

GanttPRO is not just a good alternative to the product from Microsoft. It is one of the best alternatives to MS Project in the market.

The software’s nice and visually appealing interface stands it out immediately. You won’t waste your time discovering the tool for hours as it has a short learning curve. Thanks to it, the onboarding process for new team members won’t be a challenge anymore. Simply invite them and in 15 minutes, you’ll get a working unit you can rely on.

At the same time, this Microsoft Project alternative is a robust PM machine packed with powerful features, right for your project: project, portfolio, resource, and cost management, time logging, team collaboration, baselines, history of changes, and many more.

Import your plans from MS Project and keep working on them in GanttPRO

Invite your team to work together

More GanttPRO features for professional project management

Workload management

Manage consolidated workflow of all of your labor resources in one place and properly allocate/reallocate them in the cloud project portfolio management tool.

Big-picture view

Choose projects and create a portfolio in seconds. Get a high-level picture and keep projects on track in one place on an intuitive Gantt chart timeline.

Team and resources

Invite team members and add virtual resources, set cost for them, and manage roles to efficiently achieve your business goals with the help of the PPM software.

Gantt chart timeline

Manage your project portfolio on a greatly visualized Gantt chart timeline. Get an instant view of all the tasks, projects, portfolio, their progress, and resources.

Virtual resources

Create virtual resources, set costs, and assign tasks to them. Easily manage their workload within the portfolio: track availability and workflow.

Team members

Invite team members and project managers to your projects, set roles, working time units, and cost for them. Get complete management over their workload.

Workload management

Manage all of your labor resources with their consolidated workflow from all the projects in the PPM software. Track their performance and redistribute tasks.

Roles and permissions

As an Owner, take control over the management rights for team members and open roles for them: and Admin or just a Member.

History of changes

Track all the changes made by your team members or other project managers and restore previous versions of your project portfolio with the SaaS PPM software.

Project portfolio view

Easily choose the projects you need to track and create the project portfolio to quickly get the consolidated data for efficient portfolio management.

Gantt chart view

Visualize your tasks, milestones, dependencies, projects, portfolios, and programs on an easy-to-understand Gantt chart timeline for efficient high-level planning.

Grid view

Create a Work breakdown structure of all your tasks in the portfolio - it is fast and easy in the PPM software. Enable project columns and track the required parameters.

Board view

Get more flexibility for task management by switching to the Board view that is close to the Kanban approach. Filter data and drag & drop tasks between columns.

Budget analysis

Track budget variance within one dashboard. See how much time tasks take, cost and who is an assignee. Quickly export reports with a click of a mouse.

Time log by people

Track time spent on tasks by your team members and project managers. Group and filter data by a wide range of options. Quickly export to Excel from the PPM software.

Workload analytics

Get an instant view of your resource workload, their availability and performance. The software shows who is overloaded, underallocated, or works in an optimal way.


Update your tasks and communicate with team members and project managers with the help of comments. Keep track of all the updates in real time.


Get real-time project updates inside the project portfolio management software or directly to your email inbox with the help of notifications.


Provide your tasks with the necessary information by adding files to them from your desktop or attaching right from your Google Drive.

Real-time data synchronization

Be sure you work on the latest data with the team in your project portfolio. The cloud portfolio management software synchronizes data in real time.


Rely on the secure SaaS tool. GanttPRO implements a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of the PPM software and your personal and business information.


Get quick access to the account in the project portfolio management software with the single sign-on authentication and start working on portfolios right away.

“GanttPro makes it really quick and painless to draft a good-looking project timeline, make quick edits as more stakeholders weigh in, and be treated as the single source of truth when people ask about delivery dates.”


James Lockrey

Managing Director

Professional MS Project alternative
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