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Online project planning solution based on Gantt charts

Keep your planning simple, team members - engaged, clients - in the loop!

500 000+ project managers worldwide create Gantt charts online with GanttPRO

Enjoy your planning with GanttPRO!

Easy workflow planning
Structure your tasks with Gantt charts or a Board view to keep data neat and organized with a full picture at hand
Smooth collaboration
Work together with your team members and be aware of all project’s updates using comments, attachments, mentions, and notifications
Short learning curve
It takes only 7 minutes to learn how to use GanttPRO and start fully benefit from its features. Choose among preconfigured templates to start even faster!

Achieve your best results in project management!
Try GanttPRO for free online to see the difference:

Time saved on management & planning
Rise in teamwork efficiency
Less missed deadlines
Expenses saved on project management

Aggregated figures based on reports received from GanttPRO users

Our clients recommend GanttPRO to their colleagues and partners

  • Made project management much easier
    I really enjoy how easy and clean this application with very intuitive UI. Also big fun of different customizations you can apply for different projects and teams to reflect your needs. And when i did start initially preconfigured Gantt chart templates they had saved me a lot of time.
    feedback ava

    Valentine Zavadskiy

    Co-Founder, Rubyroid Labs

  • Great visibility of the process and easy communication
    My team is using GanttPRO to schedule tasks and meetings for quarterly forecasting. When everyone has visibility of the process it is easier to communicate, also if one deadline moves then it reschedules everyone's tasks in line.
    feedback ava

    Laura Gilbert

    Financial Planning Analyst at

  • After searching around I finally found software to create Gantt charts which looks like I want.
    Easy to create and share charts which are functional and easy to read and understand for collaborators. Perfect tool for to have overview of the projects and related tasks. Lot of possibilities to add and attach useful information.
    feedback ava

    Andrejs Balodis

    Owner of Klinta Ltd.

  • Gives a quick visual of complicated projects
    I love being able to visualize my projects and assign different colors to the different elements. Entering the tasks forces me to thinking through the steps of each element.
    feedback ava

    Janice Lindegard

    American Nuclear Society Education and community outreach specialist

  • Planning problems solver
    The interface is easy to learn and to work with. Time management functions save time.
    feedback ava

    Ina Poltoran

    Corporate Services Manager, British Embassy

  • The best software for the planning purposes in a dynamic way
    Helps for the effective planning and decision making in an organization. Ability to drag and expand the tasks, assign people and costs. Easy to handle multiple projects and to delay tasks that are linked.
    feedback ava

    Kamal Subedi

    President, Animal Rights Club

More FREE Gantt chart templates

Start your planning with standard templates. The primary structure will help you quickly understand and navigate through the service.

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