GanttPRO Affiliate Program

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High commission

50% payout

The most popular payments are supported.
You can choose from PayPal, Wire transfer, WebMoney, Payoneer, etc.

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The amount is an approximation and may vary based on payment system fees or GanttPRO plans pricing changes.

Simple steps to join the affiliate program

  1. Apply to become a partner

    Fill out a special form and become a part of the GanttPRO team.

  2. Share your affiliate link

    Use your unique link on your website or social channels.

  3. Earn money!

    The more clients you attract with your affiliate link, the more commission you get.

    For example:
    Drive annual subscriptions to the Business plan from 20 users and get over $2,000.

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6 great reasons to join the program

  • Commission is 50%

    You get one of the highest commission rates on the market.

  • The fastest withdrawal methods

    You get paid via the most popular payment methods including PayPal, Wire transfer, WebMoney, Payoneer, etc.

  • Personalized link

    You get personalized affiliate link to share it with your community.

  • Unlimited cookie period

    You’ll get the commission no matter when the purchase happens. We save and secure information about users who registered to GanttPRO by your affiliate link.

  • Promotional materials

    Advertise with exclusive marketing assets.

  • Support team

    Our experienced affiliate manager is here to support you.


Please do

  • Use our marketing materials.
  • Place your affiliate link on blogs, comparisons, etc.
  • Promote GanttPRO with your link on social media channels.

Please don’t

  • Use your affiliate link on sites with adult or illegal content.
  • Promote the product through any kind of advertising platforms.

Promo materials

Promo Materials

To make it more comfortable for you to advertise GanttPRO, we have prepared marketing materials.


Frequently asked questions

  • Commissions are paid out via PayPro. (The most popular payment methods are supported, including PayPal, Wire transfer, WebMoney, Payoneer, etc.)

  • You will be paid once a month from $400. You can track the results of work and withdraw money in PayPro account.

  • This period is limitless. We save and secure information about users who registered to GanttPRO by your affiliate link. No matter when the purchase happens, you’ll get the commission.

  • Yes, you can. Please, approve them by contacting [email protected]. You can also use our banners.

Start promoting GanttPRO to your audience and earn 50% commission