Gantt Chart GanttPRO for team management

How to be an effective manager?

Managing people is hard, and duties of a project manager request strong management skills. But with our Gantt chart sofware a team manager can easily create a workflow for a team.

That will be a great help for a project manager and will help to manage resources and project roles and responsibilities, grant project rights and easily assign tasks to team members.

Share and collaborate on Gantt charts

Once a team Gantt chart is created, you can easily share it with your collegues and clients using direct links or via email. Our team project management software allows you to give the right to view or to view and edit your Gantt charts to avoid any accidental changes in your team task management system that can appear.

Make your team project management truly coordinated!

How to manage a project and communicate?

In our collaborative project management software, your team members leave comments under tasks, which means everyone’s fully informed about current statuses, issues, questions, results, etc. Track your project management team and performers' discussions in each task in all shared Gantt charts.

Team project management tools of GanttPRO alloes catching up with the new comments instantly!

Other features of online team collaboration software GanttPRO

Move to customize

Easily plan your projects in accordance with your effective team management strategies and make Gantt charts online using 'drag-and-drop'. Manage and organize tasks, set dependencies between them, their durations, statuses and priorities by moving them and their characteristics right on the Gantt chart.

Gantt chart templates

In GanttPRO you can start creating your project plans from scratch with an Empty template or pick one of our free Gantt chart templates. You can also save the created Gantt charts as templates and use them either for current projects or for new ones if you want to change a management team and a workflow.

Instant notifications

Know about the recent changes on your Gantt diagrams! The cross functional team management software allows working together with your colleagues and receive instant notifications about new comments. See who gave you or changed undertaking rights.

Critical path

Sometimes wisely distributed management team roles and responsibilities cannot prevent elongation of the project duration. With enabled Critical path on your Gantt chart, you are generally ready to see the briefest time in which a project can be finished and important to your project tasks.

Advanced working time settings

With GanttPRO, you can create not only a project management team structure but also plan your activities setting custom working hours and days. Our online Gantt chart software calculate your project and task durations automatically based on your team’s working schedule.

Export your Gantt chart to Excel, PNG and other formats

Once your project is planned, export your Gantt chart to XLSL, PNG, PDF or iCal to add them to your business plans, presentations or reports.

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