GanttPRO is an efficient Smartsheet alternative

Looking for a Gantt chart solution for projects planning? Have you heard of Smartsheet, finally tried it, but figured out that this project management software doesn’t meet your requirements due to various reasons?

GanttPRO will come as a relief for all those looking for an affordable and efficient alternative to the popular tool. Here you can manage plans and tasks with the same efficiency as in Smartsheet. But you’ll notice and feel the difference.


No credit cards required.


What you get when you switch to GanttPRO Gantt chart software


Nice intuitive UX/UI design

No spreadsheets that not everyone likes. Just nice and easy-to-understand Gantt charts with clear color differentiation and great visualization on timelines. With this Smartsheet alternative it is easy to manage tasks and stay on track.

The intuitive interface will help you focus on important things and spend more time on management, not on exploration of the tool.

Affordable Smartsheet alternative

GanttPRO was developed as an affordable planning tool regardless of complexity of projects and number of participants.

You can enjoy planning simple individual plans as well as complicated, say, software development projects with plenty of team members. In any case GanttPRO as a Smartsheet alternative will not cost you a fortune.


Smartsheet alternative for efficient project management

Switch to GanttPRO and enjoy project management.


Live chart support

Questions of different nature will occur during task management. The faster there are answers to your inquiries, the more confidence you get in successful tasks fulfilment.

Have an instant chat in real-time with our customer support service. Thus, be sure this Web-based Smartsheet alternative won’t bring you obstacles on your way to task management and project delivery.

Sharing options with advanced filters

Projects from time to time need to be reviewed by external sources. At the same time, managers need to be sure that no accidents from the outside happen in their plans.

Our Smartsheet alternative allows you to filter your chart the way you need it and share it using pre-set filters in a public URL. Reviewers will be able to just browse your project according to specified filters with absolutely no rights to edit data in this Smartsheet alternative.


A side-by-side feature comparison table

Gantt charts in JIRA software
Gantt charts in Wrike software
Gantt chart timeline
Multiple workspaces
Kanban board
Progress tracking
Team collaboration
Free trial
Easy to use
Live chart support
Multiple Gantt chart baseline
Sharing with advanced public url
Sharing with view right
Customizable export to PDF, PNG and XLSX

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