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Project Management Consulting Template
For Consultants
Project management consulting template helps all professionals who provide consulting services. Whether you are a project manager consultant, marketing consultant, strategy consultant or any other consultant manager, this ready-made consulting template gives you all the possibilities to manage projects in a timely manner.

Moreover, the well-designed plan is fully customizable. Add as many tasks as you need or delete unnecessary ones, follow your baseline and be aware of any delays. Manage your project like a pro with drag-and-drop simplicity!

Meet deadlines in a timely manner

Do you share your expertise to help businesses and organizations achieve their goals? Make your work easier with the ready-made solution where all significant steps are already included.

Whether you provide consulting services for small businesses or strategy consulting, marketing consultancy or consulting services in general, this Gantt chart project management solution allows planning all the steps and stages.

Share your expertise and knowledge and be rest assured that nothing gets lost. Break down your projects and follow significant phases: identify problems, make a research and recommend solutions, and, if needed, help to implement them.

With the Gantt chart ready-made consulting template it is easy to provide best solutions for your clients. The template is available even on free plan. With its help you offer project management consulting services in minutes knowing how to be prepared for each upcoming action.

Define your tasks and set start and end dates for them. If needed, assign tasks to responsible team members. Follow progress of all tasks and get a clear visualized baseline. Thanks to it you will be aware of any missed dates in your tasks and projects.

The consulting template helps to successfully accomplish projects within budget and on time.

Offer best solutions for your clients

The GanttPRO consulting template works for any consulting services where professional expertise and knowledge are needed. Regardless of the size of businesses and their complexity, it is a matter of minutes to plan all phases and track progress.

Save your time while preparing and providing consulting services with the Gantt chart template. Be aware of all upcoming events, their dates and successfully meet deadlines.

Save client’s money with thoroughly prepared plan

Consultants are hired because they have experience and knowledge advantages over clients. The circumspect ready-made Gantt chart consulting template gives even more benefits for those who use it.

Schedule each step as a project management consultant and follow phases in a timely manner. The more details about your project you know, the more you help your clients to save money. Provide effective financial assistance to them.

Gantt chart software for successful consulting services

Provide consulting services with FREE template. Upgrade it anytime!

Immediate access to all project data

All information in one place
To provide top-notch services, a consultant should rely on the tool he uses for work. Endless email chains or reminders on the table are to be left behind.

The Gantt chart consulting template allows consultants to keep everything they need in one template on one screen. Schedule all the tasks with their dates, track their progress and simply be aware if they go beyond the planned baseline. Thanks to intuitive interface no detail gets lost in your schedule.
Smooth collaboration with clients
It is impossible to imagine consulting services without close collaboration between a consultant and clients. They need to work in a team and update each other on a regular basis.

The ready-made project management template offers great opportunities for collaboration. Leave comments on any task you are working on and update your clients. Attach necessary files and store them in one place. In a few clicks share the chart or export it to popular formats.
Awareness about milestones and deadlines
Each task has an end date. Many of them also pass through significant events that are called milestones. They signify that your project moves in the right direction.

In the consulting template, you will never miss a detail as everything is clearly visualized right in front of you. Moreover, the baseline options will show whether some task failed to meet time limits.
Dates and schedule
In the consulting template a timeline allows following all the dates regardless of chosen zoom options. It can be hours, days, weeks, months, quarters, and years.

Work with a project schedule in the way it is convenient for you. Customize your own working week marking days-off and vacations. You are completely aware of how many hours you spend on consulting services.

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