Priority-based scheduling software for smart project management

Using online Gantt chart software GanttPRO you are able to track progress, instantly monitor issues the project schedule contains, completed and overdue tasks, and mark the most important ones with milestones. GanttPRO online scheduling software is the right choice whether you're looking for construction, business scheduling software or scheduling software for any project you're working on!

Organize tasks on a Gantt chart

In our project scheduling software, you can choose the duration step to plan in months, weeks, days or hours and easily adjust your project to the required time scale.

Change start and end dates of your tasks and prioritize them by drag-and-dropping and resizing task bars. Be more flexible and ready to alteration in your projects' workflow if needed!

Manage dependencies between tasks

Set dependencies right on your project management schedule. Enable Automatic Scheduling if you want GanttPRO to calculate your task start and end dates automaticaly based on durations of the related tasks and accelerate project management processes.

Progress and Critical Path

With GanttPRO project scheduling tools, set and monitor the percentage of the task completion right on the Gantt chart. Simply drag-and-drop to let your colleagues know where you are now. Enable another tool - Critical Path - to see the shortest time in which a project can be completed and the goals to which you should pay attention.

Other project planning tools of the scheduling software

Gantt chart simplicity

It's easy to organize tasks with GanttPRO based on a basic Gantt chart template or a predefined project schedule example. Just drag and drop task bars and sliders to set durations and dependencies, percentages of completion and priorities.

Project schedule template

Whether you're new to a Gantt chart or you need to start creating your own project schedule template using a predetermined structure, you can start with a project management schedule template: empty, simple project schedule template, software development project plan template, construction schedule template, and other.

Instant notifications

Project management and project scheduling tools include instant notifications. Add attachments, discuss activities in comments and get instant notifications! You will be also getting notifications about the changes in roles and rights.

Schedule projects with team members

GanttPRO is a collaboration-oriented business scheduling software. With this software, you can schedule and manage projects with your team, assign tasks to team members, set estimates and durations, discuss, and plan all the activities you need together right on the Gantt chart project schedule.

Working hours and days

Do you have a specific working time table? Choose your custom working hours and days when planning your activities on the Gantt chart. All durations will be recalculated by the free project scheduling software automatically.

GanttPRO allows sharing the created Gantt charts with team members

With GanttPRO you can easily share your Gantt charts with your team members or clients (using link or via email) and continue organizing tasks and scheduling projects together.

If you want to add your project plan to a report, presentation or business plan, you can export your project's Gantt chart to XLSL, PNG, PDF or iCal.