Export Gantt charts to PDF, PNG, XLSX, MSP or iCal

Export Gantt charts to PDF, PNG, XLSX, MSP or iCal

Gantt charts are always the most demonstrative part of every business plan, presentation or report that concerns company’s efficiency and achievements. Easily export your charts to MSP, PDF, PNG, XLSX or iCal and include them in your documents.

Instantly share Gantt charts

With our project planning app, after charts are created, you can share them using direct links or via e-mail providing your colleagues and clients with a right to edit or just to view your project.

Give the right to edit or to view your project Gantt chart to avoid any accidental changes that can appear. Make your projects fully coordinated!

Other features of our online Gantt chart software

Move and customize

Drag-and-drop functionality allows you to make up projects and schedule them really fast. Organize the tasks and subtasks in the order you need, create dependencies between them, set tasks' progress and duration right on a Gantt diagram in no time by simply moving the tasks and subtasks around.

Ready-made templates

With GanttPRO you to can create your projects yourself or with the help of our free predefined templates. We have made them especially for your convenience - just choose the one that suits you better (from basic project plan to construction, startup, web design, etc.)

Live time notifications

Be on top of the most recent changes in all your Gantt charts that are shared with your colleagues and customers! Work together with your colleagues and get to see new notifications instantly about new comments and check out who has assinged you with or changed the rights for the project.

Critical path

Turn on critical path in settings for your project in Gantt chart in order to track the sequence of tasks that influence the project to be finished on time. With this setting enabled you will always be aware of the tasks that are of high priority in order to accomplish the project successfully.

Customised working days and hours

Arrange your tasks according to the customized schedule for your working hours and days! GanttPRO will recalculate the length of your project and its tasks taking into consideration all the customized settings schedule.