Easily plan projects and track progress with Gantt charts

Schedule projects and track thier progress

Progress reporting is one of the main activities of project management. Measure progress and test your team's results on your Gantt charts to avoid any potential problems and cost overruns caused by overdue tasks.

Set and monitor the percentage of the task completion right on a Gantt chart. Simply drag-and-drop to let your colleagues and clients know where your tasks and projects are now.

Determine task durations with your team

With a help of Gantt charts you can easily determine task durations and forecast project’s result with your team members. Share a Gantt chart with your colleagues setting project roles, using direct links or e-mails with View and Edit rights.

Grant the right to View your Gantt chart project to colleagues and team members to avoid any accidental changes that can appear.

Critical path on your Gantt chart

Our project planning app allows you to enable critical path on your Gantt charts to see the shortest time in which a project can be completed and the tasks to which you should pay attention.

Other features of our online Gantt chart software GanttPRO

Easy-to-use Gantt charts

It's very simple to create and manage tasks and projects with GanttPRO app: drag and drop tasks, use sliders for setting up durations and showing progress, create dependencies depending on your needs.

Predefined project templates

If you are new to Gantt chart planning or just want to simplify your project planning process then feel free to use one of our ready-made templates for project planning. Just choose the one you need from our list: empty, event planning, project launch, etc.

Instant notifications

Work together with your colleagues on Gantt diagrams that you make. Attach files to the tasks, leave comments for your activities and instantly track all the notifications about the recent updates! You will also be notified if any roles and rights in the team project have been changed.

Work on Gantt diagrams together

GanttPRO is a great app for team management of tasks and projects. With GanttPRO you can plan and collaborate on your projects together with your teammates, give tasks to colleagues, set estimated time and milestones, evaluate the tasks and comment on them, and plan every required step together right on the Gantt diagram.

Working hours and days

Need to add some pecularities into your working calendar? Feel free to set your own custom working hours and days for your project on the Gantt chart. The durations of all the tasks will be recalculated by GanttPRO accordingly.

Create projects and share Gantt diagrams with your colleagues

With GanttPRO app you can share your Gantt diagrams with your colleagues or customers (sending link or email) and keep on improving the and creating projects together.

In case you need to add your project into any kind of documentation or portfolio you can use export Gantt charts to XLSL, PNG, PDF or iCal formats.

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