Easily track progress with the project progress monitoring tools of GanttPRO

When managing projects and company goals, encourage team members to set progress for each task they are working on. That will turn your Gantt diagram into a powerful goal tracker. With a single chart, you are able to track progress and are fully informed of your project current status.

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Project progress monitoring tools of GanttPRO

Track project progress automatically

One of the main responsibilities of a project manager is tracking project progress. Project managers use project progress tracking in order to see whether their team meets company goals in time.

Creating a progress tracking template may be time-consuming and our scheduling software is here to help. Our progress tracking software replaces a manual goal tracker app as it calculates task progress and durations automatically. With its help, you avoid any potential problems and cost overruns caused by overdue tasks.

Complete company goals together

With our progress tracking software, you determine task durations and forecast project result with your team members.

Your team sets and monitors the completion of goals right on your Gantt chart. Simply drag-and-drop to let everybody know where tasks and projects are now.

Invite your team members to join a goal tracker. Share a project tracking template by inviting colleagues, setting project roles or using direct links. Grant the right to View your Gantt chart project to colleagues and team members to avoid any accidental changes.

Critical path and milestones

Our progress tracking software allows you to enable a critical path on your progress tracking template to see the shortest time in which a project can be completed and the tasks to which you should pay attention.

In order to create a goal tracking template, you can mark company goals, important events and achievements with milestones. By adding milestones to your Gantt chart online, your team tracks project progress as well as the goals they complete.

The goal tracker of GanttPRO can be used for

Tracking construction projects

Tracking tasks in software development

Tracking status of web development

Tracking student progress at universities

Tracking pupil progress in schools

Tracking marketing goals and event planning progress

How does the project progress chart work?

Any Gantt chart you create can be turned into a project progress chart and a powerful team management tool. For this aim, all you need to do is to schedule a project and invite team members. Once done, encourage your team to set progress for tasks they are working on. The progress for groups of tasks and the whole project will be calculated automatically.

Use milestones to add company goals to your Gantt chart. With our goal tracker, project manager connects tasks and milestones between each other. If a task in the chain is overdue, all the following tasks and company goals completion will be moved automatically.

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