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Online Gantt chart maker

Keep your planning simple, team members - engaged, clients - in the loop!

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700 000+
project managers build and
manage Gantt charts with GanttPRO
700 000+ project managers build and manage Gantt charts with GanttPRO

Enjoy your planning with GanttPRO Gantt chart maker!

Easy workflow planning
Structure your tasks on a visually appealing Gantt chart timeline and keep your data neat and organized with a full picture at hand
Smooth collaboration
Work together with your team members and keep track of all project updates using comments, attachments, mentions, and notifications
Short learning curve
It takes up to 15 minutes to learn how to use GanttPRO and start benefiting from its features. Choose predefined templates for a quicker start

Achieve your best results in project management!

Time saved on management & planning
Rise in teamwork efficiency
Less missed deadlines
Expenses saved on project management

Aggregated figures based on reports received from GanttPRO users

How GanttPRO’s features make project management processes easier

Here is how GanttPRO helps 700k+ people become better managers for their teams and more professional service providers for their clients.

Gantt chart timeline
Drag & drop scheduling
Auto Scheduling & Critical Path
Progress tracking
Team management & expense tracking
Workflow management
Comments & Attachments
Share & export

“I think I tested almost all the products that I found on Google that had a built-in Gantt feature. That was about 15+ over a period of a year. GanttPRO really tops them all. It really replaces Microsoft Project and Gantt features of any popular project management app out there.”

Allan Z.

Founder in Publishing industry

Powerful Gantt chart maker
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