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Rating 4.8

based on 1000+ reviews

Benefits of using our GanttPRO Gantt chart creator

  • Efficient online project planning with Gantt charts

    GanttPRO is your key to efficient project planning and scheduling. Interactive Gantt charts help you determine project duration and resource needs.

    Use the work breakdown structure and dependencies to know the order in which tasks should be completed. Enable the critical path to highlight the tasks that can affect the completion date.

    Online project planning tool GanttPRO
  • Clear plan and schedule visualization

    Our online Gantt chart creator visualizes a plan of any complexity. You can quickly spot all the tasks, timelines, statuses, dependencies, and other details.

    As project scheduling software with a Gantt chart, GanttPRO provides a crystal-clear view of objectives and results, helping to stay on track and execute a plan efficiently.

    Project schedule generator GanttPRO
  • Seamless collaboration with online Gantt charts

    An online Gantt chart tool can significantly enhance collaboration with your team. It provides real-time visibility into project progress for all team members.

    A collaborative online Gantt chart ensures that everyone shares a common understanding of what’s being done and what’s needed to achieve the objectives.

    Collaboration in project management software with a Gantt chart
  • Easy sharing and presentation of a project plan

    Use online Gantt charts as a great tool for communicating scope and progress to senior management, investors, customers, and other stakeholders.

    In our online project planner, you can download a diagram or share a private link with a dynamic or static Gantt chart and present it in a straightforward and concise way.

    Share project with a Gantt chart online

Features of GanttPRO

From a simple Gantt chart to complex project management

  • Workload


    Check your team’s workload and be sure whether someone in your company is underperforming or, vice versa, has too many tasks.

    In GanttPRO project management software, it is easy to reallocate team members according to their workload and keep them motivated by providing with meaningful tasks.

  • Board view

    Board view

    Do you need new opportunities to view your projects and timelines apart from a Gantt chart? In GanttPRO, you can switch to a board view where each task is presented as a card in a relevant column. Our Gantt chart tool gives you possibilities to choose the most convenient way to work on your projects.

  • Collaboration


    Work with your team with the help of our project collaboration software. Comment on tasks and attach files to them - there is no need to switch between different business tools as all important information is stored in GanttPRO.

  • Notifications


    You never miss a thing with real-time notifications. Whether you have a new assignment or are mentioned in a task, your team member has made a change in a project or your task will start in an hour - you will be covered with notifications.

  • Tasks relation

    Task relations

    Thanks to the Auto Scheduling feature, you don’t need to worry if there are changes in dates and timelines of your tasks or in dependencies between them - GanttPRO online Gantt chart maker will recalculate everything automatically.

    With the Critical Path on, you’ll be aware of all the tasks that directly impact your project. Also, it shows the shortest way to complete your project plan.

  • Export


    Share your chart with anyone using a secret public URL and providing with rights to view and access your plan. It’s the easiest way to show your project right away.

    The export function allows you to always have your project at hand. Export your timeline even on a trial to the most popular formats like PDF, PNG, XLSX, and XML.

  • Time logs

    Time logs

    Log the actual time you spend on tasks and milestones and, if needed, leave comments. Personal time log allows seeing the total time spent on tasks and time ranges. In one place, you get crucial information: tasks, dates, projects they refer to as well as time and comments.

  • Reports


    Owners and Admins can create reports with the time logged by their team members. Reports contain details about tasks, projects, users, date, time, and comments. This information can be grouped, filtered, and even exported to Excel.

Advanced project planning and management with a simple Gantt chart tool

  • Intuitive customizable interface

    Get started in no time with a user-friendly interface. Unleash advanced possibilities underway with our customizable and scalable online project planner.

  • Workload management

    Achieve the perfect balance in resource allocation, avoiding overwork and underutilization. Our project scheduler equips you with the tools for higher precision and efficiency.

  • Multiple views

    Choose the visualization that is better suited to your project: a Gantt chart, a Kanban-style board, or a List view. Effortlessly track and manage multiple projects using a Portfolio view.

  • Time management

    Improve resource allocation and estimations and ensure that projects stay on schedule. Our project management tool helps to track and register how much time is spent on tasks.

  • Progress tracking

    Keep a close eye on your project's progress, milestones, and performance against saved baseline. Generate detailed reports and stay one step ahead by identifying risks early on.

  • Staying up to date

    Be always in the loop, no matter where you are. Receive instant notifications about project changes, get comments from teammates, and never miss a beat with deadline alerts.

  • Resource management

    Unlock the full potential of our Gantt chart project management software for automatic cost calculations. Allocate resources and budget with maximum effectiveness.

  • Client updates

    Easily share real-time project status with stakeholders using our Gantt chart software. Display your project schedule and plan as a dynamic or a static snapshot with adjustable levels of detail.

Try project planning tool for free

Making a Gantt chart online in GanttPRO is easy

  • Sign up for GanttPRO and create a new project or use a free Gantt chart template for your industry.
  • Add tasks, dates, resources, and watch the program automatically build a Gantt chart online.
  • Start working on your projects individually or with your team and share it when needed.
Create a Gantt chart online

Get started easily with these free online Gantt chart templates

FAQ on using the GanttPRO Gantt chart generator

  • Gantt charts can bring benefits in a wide range of industries. Web-based customizable Gantt charts help with scheduling, planning, and carrying out most types of projects with traditional or hybrid methodologies. They also assist project managers in monitoring progress, detecting potential problems, and managing resources and time more advantageously.

  • The difference lies in the time you save and the quality of the result. By making Gantt charts online in an app you can automatize most processes and focus on activities themselves. In Excel, you have to draw a Gantt chart manually. It is longer and more tedious. You get much fewer possibilities, and that in most cases affects the efficiency and final results.

  • GanttPRO is not a free Gantt chart maker. However, it offers a 14-day fully-featured trial during which you can create a Gantt chart online for free. Once this testing period ends, you can get a subscription to the plan that best suits your needs.

  • Since GanttPRO is a cloud-based software, you can create a Gantt chart and manage projects with any operating system and on any device: Windows, Mac OS, Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, and others). You can also download iOS and Android apps to manage projects from your mobile phone.

  • Sure, you can use our free Gantt chart templates for project management in various industries. It is possible to work on them directly in GanttPRO or download Gantt charts for free in Excel and Google Sheets.

  • As it’s Gantt chart SaaS, you can't modify the data offline, but you can save it in .png or .pdf formats, or take a snapshot and print the Gantt chart and view it even when you don't have access to the internet.

What customers say about our Gantt chart maker

GanttPRO has hands down the best Gantt chart functionality.
It works just the right way: it’s got the correct dependencies, the nice Work breakdown structure, and it works smoothly.

Lloyd StephensGlobal Operation Director at Supernova

GanttPRO provided the full spectrum of features without feeling overwhelming or being too expensive. The tool does one thing well: project management. It simply provides an intuitive, attractive interface for tracking tasks, dependencies, and resources.

Ben EmmonsDirector of Special Projects at MagMod

The adaptability of GanttPRO means that it may be used to track a wide range of project-related metrics, including but not limited to cost, schedule, resources, and risk. Critical evaluations can be made using the available data.

Courtney SamsSystem Administrator at Infosys

GanttPRO solves the problem of managing time and progress for our team. With its Gantt chart capabilities, we can easily see how many hours each employee has worked per week and any changes that need to be made to ensure that all projects stay on track.

Maria WoodsMarketing Manager at Beam Suntory

GanttPRO offers the best experience when it comes to collaborating on a schedule. Its ability to easily track tasks, workload and productivity allows you to make changes quickly without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency. The data generated from these activities is comprehensive enough.

Jamie Lee JahnSales Manager at Retail Data Systems

Great application to plan projects. It is 100% user-friendly and it saves a lot of time in project management and also communicating with all the people involved in the project. You can see in a quick look in the Gantt view how the project is going forward.

Pedro Cortes MurilloProject Manager at Estampaciones Metalicas Epila Sa